Friday, March 6, 2009

Swimming on March 6th !!??!!

OK, this is nuts! Our crazy kids decided that they were going swimming today and you know what? They did!!! This may be the earliest in the year swim yet...almost the Polar Bear Club.

A year ago, Jessie could barely swim, because she was having so many seizures that we thought that she would drown. Now she's swimming fridgid waters...that CRAZY Girl.

Here's a few pictures of the kids. Cris


Anonymous said...

OK, you 4 little fishies! You couldn't get Gram and Papa in that pool this early!

We love you

Holly said...

im soo jealous! jessie looks great I cannot wait to see you all again in july!

Laura Rasnick said...

Crazy kids, sounds like something Katelynn would do!! She's always ready to go swimming waaay to early.

Hollis T said...

Hollis and Jessie look like they're sporting the same 'do! So cute! How cold was that water?

Tara Vaught said...

Jessie's hair looks super cute like that! I wish we could start swimming here in WV this early. I wouldn't even think about it unless I wanted to transform into a human popsicle. Keep up the awesome swimming Jessie! You've come so far so just keep going and never look back again!

Brande J. said...

Burrr...that looks so cold! :) Go Jessie. By the way Jessie, Happy Birthday. I was going to write something sooner and then I totally forgot, so now I am a few days late, so sorry! I hope you had a fantastic 7th birthday! You are one amazing little girl! Can't wait to meet you all in July!
With love,
Brande Juber
Mom to Tyson Juber