Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jessie's Surgery was One Year Ago, Today!!

Jessie's surgery was 1 year ago, today.

I'll never forget how happy and relaxed she was that morning. Almost no EPC, and how cute she was walking down the hospital halls with her green hospital garb on with her little butt sticking out. She was giving everyone high-fives. She was so trusting of everyone.

Kristi walked her into the Operating Room, and Jessie JUMPED up on the Operating Room Table with the help of some of the doctors. This was the last time that she walked without a limp. I cried for 15 minutes. Then we all said a long prayer, and began our 10-hour wait.

This was also the last day of seizures for her. It is a happy day and a sad day, all at the same time. But mostly happy.

Jessie is now one-year post-op, and one-year seizure free. I'm praying that the EEG confirms what I just wrote. Thanks to all of you for such great support over the last year and a half. We couldn't have done it without you ALL.

Today is a day to give credit to God, My Lord, Savior, and creator for getting Jessie, our family, friends, and community through a very tough time. There were many time, that without Him, I would have never made this journey.

May God Bless You All .



Anonymous said...

Amen to that! Gram and Papa will never forget one year ago and the anquish we went through on that day. This is truly a day of celebration. We'll never forget Dr. Carson and Denise Koch in the hall while pre-op was finisihed and watching Dr. Hsu hurry out of the pre-op room, covering his forehead. Come to find out, our Miss Jessie had written "Texas Tech" across his forehead in a purple marking pen after he had marked out surgical markers on Jessie's head. We had some fun memories of that day, as well as being scared out of our minds. Dr. Carson's quiet, gentle presence took some of the tension away, as did the announcement that President Bush had announced that Dr. Carson would be awarded the Medal of Freedom. In many ways, he gave Jessie so much "freedom" from his "Gifted Hands". He truly was a "SUPER MAN" to help our Jessie. Denise and her crew were very kind people to all of us during this journey and now she has been nominated for an emmy for Jessie's stories. Such wonderful things have come from this day, one year ago. Jessie has made such great strides and has had so many accomplishments. So many wonderful new friends and support groups, too many to count. We are grateful for the love and prayers SO MANY ACROSS THIS WORLD have extended for our Jessie and our family. So many more great adventures await Jessie and the family and we are thankfully awaiting each one. To each and every one who have been on this journey with our family in Texas, we applaud you and are grateful for your love and care.

Holly said...

i am so happy at all the progress she has made and how your family turned this bad experience into something positive

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, this is gram and papa again. After rereading my comments from yesterday, I forgot to mention some very important people in the lives of the Hall family. To all of the friends, family, neighbors, school, church, Aledo, Weatherford and surrounding people who made it possible for so many things to happen for this family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love, support and help you have all given so generously. To each and every one of you on the Hemi Foundation Board who had worked so hard, thank you to you too. Yesterday and today have been truly blessed and thankful days for many reasons.

She Wolf said...

Wow, one year!!! For some reason, I had June 6 in my mind as the date when the surgery happened, but I was off by a few days. Jessie may have come out of the surgery needing to relearn some tasks over again, but the blog entries have chronicled the progress she has made thus far. God's hand has most definitely been evident from day one when she and Dr. Carson met for the first time, and I absolutely know that his hand will continue to guide her progress!!!

I check in on Jessie's blog at least once or twice a month now, and I am always pleased with what I read. Praise God!!

Vanessa and Seeing Eye Dog Griffin

Anonymous said...

I have been keeping track or jessie's progress and you have been in my prayers alot. god bless

Tara Vaught said...

God bless Jessie, your family and all the wonderful doctors who helped her overcome such a rare illness.