Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jessie is Riding a Bike


Jessie participated in a special Bike Camp last week through Kinetic Kids in San Antonio, Texas. The program is called "Lose the Training Wheels". http://www.losethetrainingwheels.org/ It is held in many cities all over the USA to help children with special needs learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. It is a wonderful program.

It lasted all week long, and each day, the kids are on a bike for approximately 1 hour. We are hoping to see more than just bike benefits. We are hoping that this translates to a better gait, better balance, coordination, and more. The bike riding is icing on the cake. Quite frankly, we weren't even sure that she could do it. But she did!!! Hooray Jessie!!!

This is Jessie on the first type of Bike. It is a bike with a "roller-pin" type back wheel and it is very stable. She really can't even fall over, it is so stable. Then, as the week progressed, she was able to move to a less stable back roller (from a level 1 to 8).

Then finally, she was able to go to a bicycle with a regular back wheel and NO Training Wheels!!

Check this out!!!

We've been riding every day since we've been home, and she is getting better and better. She still can't start and stop by herself, but we think that this is just a matter of time. Plus we are getting her a new bike that she can start from a sitting position with both feet on the ground. It is called an Electra Townie. She be in this week.

Also, we have to use Velcro to help keep her left foot and hand on the pedal and handle bar.

I don't post a lot these days, and I am sorry for that. Please understand, that the less I post, the better things are for her. Thanks to all of you that continue to follow Jessie's journey.




Kelly said...

Please post pics of the velcro for the hand and foot.... that's our biggest obstacle.

Brande J. said...

Yeah! That is so exciting! I hope they have something like that for Tyson in our area when he gets older. Way to go Jessie! What an accomplishment!

Nancy said...

I am so excited to see this posting! I do check every day. Way to go, Jessie! My whole family is pulling for your continued progress and we always keep you and your family in our prayers.

syamala said...

way to go Jessie. yay......Is it fun to ride a bike? Hope you can teach Srikar to ride one when he is ready

Holly said...

i am so proud of her!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jessie! You are inspirational to so many people! Keep up the great work!

Ann Stoermer said...

Amazing!! Way to go Jessie!!! WOOOHOOOO!!