Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Hope in One Hemisphere" Hits the Internet

Our wonderful friends Jack Epsteen and Julie Dolson, in California, just released an amazing video that will soon be up on The Hemispherectomy Foundation website, but can be seen immediately on the Internet through vimeo at this link : Hope in One Hemisphere Video .

If you need an emotional refill, watch this video. If you want more insight into the life of a Hemi Family, watch this video. If you are in the Hemispherectomy Community and you don't want to feel alone, watch this video. Or if you just want a warm fuzzy feeling about kids who are more amazing than any you have met, click the link above and enjoy.

This video was filmed at the International Hemispherectomy Foundation Conference and Family Reunion in Indianapolis in 2010.

Enjoy! Cris


Anonymous said...

Very uplifting video, but it catches all the way through.

Anonymous said...

This is not a function of the video, but rather a function of your download speed. Let it fully load before you click play and it will be fine.