Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Alma Mater : Texas Tech University

Number 7, Texas Tech University just beaten number 1 in the nation, "tu" (texas university) in an incredible game!!! I'm now sitting at my computer, in my signed Graham Harrell #6 jersey, remembering that the two top guys on the team are not only Heisman Trophy candidates, but they are also pretty incredible men with a whole trophy case full of class. Most of you have seen this picture, but I wanted to share it again, as it really speaks to what amazing individuals these two men are.

Here is Jessie getting her jersey signed by Graham Harrell at this years homecoming game against Nebraska.
Jessie with her bud "Raider Red".

Graham stuck around and signed every kid's jersey or pad or hat or whatever they wanted. No child was left unattended, including the big kids like me.
Supporting our Red Raiders!!!

Below is a link that I posted way back on July 26th of this year while Jessie was still in the hospital. It's fun to go back and read it.
Fight, Raiders Fight!
Fight, Raiders Fight!
Fight for the School we love so dearly!
We'll hit'em high!
We'll hit'em low!
We'll push the ball across the goal!
Tech, Fight, Fight!!
We'll praise your name.
Boost you to fame.
Fight for the Scarlet and the Black!!
We will hit'em, We will wreck'em!
Hit'em! Wreck'em! Texas Tech!
And the Victory Bells will Ring OUT!!!
Just got an update on Sunday. Tech is now #2 in the AP top 25 poll !!!!!
National Champions


Sandi said...


Even tho I followed your excellent 'blog' of Jessie's remarkable journey almost daily during the summer, I hadn't checked it for awhile until today. Anyway, while reading about your Homecoming visit to Tech I noticed that you were in the Goin' Band and wonder what years you marched.

My son (Shawn) was in the drumline and was a TA there during the mid-eighties--and beyond--and my daughter-in-law (Amie) was a twirler. Some of my fondest memories are of being a chaperone on Bus 8. It truly is a small world!

Please tell Jessie for me that she is an amazing young lady and that she has been and will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Sandi Alsup, Mansfield, TX

Anonymous said...

I know this comment has nothing to do with the latest blog but I saw Jessie on the news trick r treating!!! She looked so GOOD! I am amazed at how well she is doing...your entire family remains in my prayers daily! Love you Jessie girl:)
Ft. Worth

Jessie said...

Hi Sandi,

I was in the Goin' Band at Texas Tech from 1983 til 1987. "Bus 8" had Chaperone's????? I always heard that Bus 8 had a hot tub...I never got to see Bus 8, their security force always kept me away! Just Kidding. I have some very fond memories of The Goin' Band years. Wreck'em Tech! Cris

Anonymous said...

Could it be? First the Aledo girls softball team - #1 in the nation after dedicating their year to Jessie... Now, our beloved Red Raiders winning big after the two best players on the planet poured out blessings on Jessie and your family... One of those "Godwinks" maybe...


Sandi said...


My son's first year to march at Tech was in 1986 and it was a few years later that we rode on Bus 8 so I guess we didn't cross paths there.

A hot tub??? Maybe that is why it was always so steamy...I wondered why that 'Security Force' would not let me go to the back of the bus!

Anonymous said...

A little late, but knew ya'll would appreciate the thoughts of 10-0! Just got home from the game tonight! Next OU, and shortly NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Hope Jessie is doing wonderful, always thinking of her!
Shaun Haynes
'06 AHS Grad and Current Tech Student

Rachel said...

I have followed your blog forever and we pray for Jessie's continued recovery as well as continued strength for your family.

Now I have to add one more thing to my list of prayers...

SOMEONE needs to show you the error of your ways ha ha ha ha!!! Not Tech... how about TCU? Purple is kinda girlie and pinkish.... (this post is meant to be silly and in good fun)