Saturday, July 26, 2008

Texas Tech Red Raiders Win 2009 BCS National Championship!!!

Texas Tech Red Raiders Win 2009 BCS National Championship!!

OK, Maybe that Title is a bit premature, but with guys like these two above...well, ANYTHING could happen!!!

Do I really need to tell you who these two guys are?!?!?! #5 is Michael Crabtree! #6 is Graham Harrel ! Do I need to tell you more? These guys are only the number 1 receiver in the NCAA and the number 1 quarterback in the NCAA !!

These guys are part of the team that will lead the Texas Tech Red Raiders to the Jan. 8, 2009 - BCS National Championship Game in Miami!!! And with character like this, just the type of team leaders that can do it.

Thanks Graham and Michael for doing such a cool thing for a sick kid. With any luck, Jessie and the rest of us will be in Lubbock to watch you defeat Nebraska for homecoming. We have the phone on speed-dial for Monday when the tickets go on sale, because we know they'll go fast.

We've NEVER missed a Homecoming game!! Since 1983!!

Once again, thanks for doing such a cool thing for Jessie. Now go lift some weights, or run bleachers, or catch tennis balls from that tennis-ball-shooting-machine-thingy!! Do something!! First game is just around the corner and we EXPECT a National Championship this year!!!

Jessie has already inspired one National Championship this year (Aledo Ladycats High School Softball), so I don't see why she can't inspire an NCAA Football Championship. Just Believe!

Go! Fight! Win!

Hit'em! Wreck'em! Graham and Michael!

Cris Hall - TTU 1988, Kristi Hall - TTU 1987, Matt Hall - TTU 2017, Jake Hall - TTU 2018, Josh Hall - TTU 2018, Jessie Hall - TTU 2020!

P.S. Please tell Coach Leach that Jessie wants to tell him a "pirate" joke the next time she sees him. "What is a pirate's favorite letter?" ...."ARRRRRR !"

Special Thanks to Graham and Michael...and the crew in media relations, Chris Cook, Tammi Hoffman and Blayne Beal. Also, Thanks Steve Maines.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jessie-

I love you. I am glad you can walk because now we can dance together. I am proud of you very much. I have a t-shirt with your name on it and it is pink like you. I miss you very much. You are my friend and I love you.

Your Friend,
Bella Griggs

Anonymous said...

you go girl!!! we will come see you soon -- alexandra is soo sad that she could not come-- she was sick !! we will come play in the playroom soon - keep up the great work !!! love, grooms family ---xoxoxooxoxoxoxxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

We will keep you in our prayers. You are an inspiration. Get well and cheer on those Red Raiders! :)

- Summerlin family

Anonymous said...

go raiders...
raider power....
wreck'em tech!
we will be right along with you to cheer those raiders and Jessie on! that is the coolest picture ever. looking forward to celebrating a homecoming win with you guys!
loves, the morrows

Anonymous said...

Guns up from this Red Raider! Jessie, we're thrilled with your progress and so proud of you for all your hard work. I know they're saving a spot for you at the BEST university in the world! Max can't wait to see you. Praying for you all,

Karen (TTU '03), JD, Max, Emma Davis

BettencourtFamily said...

So, you guys don't know us at all but we are a part of your Red Raider know we had to leave a comment after that post!!!! I have never been more proud to be a Red Raider.

We just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and are amazed at how God has provided such strength, peace and healing for you and your family. Jessie is an inspiration to so many and you are all a wonderful testimony to God's love.

Wreck 'Em Tech,

The Bettencourts
Dustin Class of 2000
Lori Class of 2001
Ramsey Class of 2027
Bryson Class of 2030

Meredith said...

I love reading this site and praying for y'all. I am a Tech alum and LOVED logging on this morning and seeing that pic!! :-)Jessie, continue to get well and cheer on the Red Raiders to that National Championship! Much love and God's blessings!

Anonymous said...

dear jessie, I am going to be coming to see you tomorrow. I cant wait to see you. I love you Jessie. You are soo cute and precious. You do very polite manners, more than a princess. You are the sweetest little girl ever. I hope your brain gets better soon. I am crying and praying for you. I can't wait to play with you tomorrow at the playroom. Can I take you for a wheelchair ride? Love, Alexandra

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! Wreck'em! We are right there with you Cris! However, don't jinx us, all of this attention is making me nervous, Tech isn't used to it!! (Haha) We will be at the game too, I so hope yall can make it. It was great to see what Graham and Crabtree did for Jessie. That's awesome!

I'm so glad Jessie's getting better and better and I'm so glad y'all are back home. Hope to see you at New River, welcome back!

Alicia Dwyer TTU Class of '04
Landon Dwyer TTU Class of '02
(We were in your vision 101 class at NRF, remember?) :)

Amanda Hopper said...

What classy guys! How sweet of them to do this for Jessie. I've been following Jessie's story for awhile and she is a true inspiration to us all. You are truly an amazing little girl!

Wreck 'Em Tech -
Amanda (Class of 2001)