Friday, July 25, 2008

Things Get Better Each Day and More Visitors!

It's Friday, and Jessie has been at Cook Children's Hospital's "Transitional Care Unit" now for a week. Can you believe that? We've been here a week and Jessie has made phenomenal progress. I can't believe what has happened just in one week.

Jessie is walking!! We have to walk with her and hold a belt in case she trips...but she IS walking on her own!! Can you believe that!!! Things get better each day!

Today, she wanted to hop like a frog and she did....she wanted to bend down and pick something up and she did. When we got here a week ago, she could only stand and still needed about 50% assistance to walk. Now she wants to walk everywhere...even to therapy.

Thanks and Praise to God for watching over Jessie and healing her. And Thanks to Johns Hopkins Children's Center, Kennedy Krieger Institute, and Cook Children's Medical Center for providing the hands and guided by their talents from God to make things happen. Everyone: The doctors, surgeons, specialists, nurses, techs, nutritionists, therapists, child life, pastoral, and of course all the friends who visited to lift Jessie's spirits.

Jessie hasn't had any seizures since surgery on June 11th. I went back and watched newscasts before the surgery, and I couldn't believe how bad her seizures were. I had forgotten how much she twitched.

Below is a short clip from KTVT of Jessie up here at Cooks. It's a well done segment.

Jessie's Aunt Cyndi and Cousins Kacie, Adam, and Colton. Also Mom and her Stinky Brothers. You can see it on her face how happy she is to be back around family again. I think that having family and friends close accelerates the whole healing staff. Perhaps that is a reason to go ahead and start trying to get her home to Aledo. Hopefully we won't be up here at Cooks more than a couple of weeks more.

Thanks to Aunt Cyndi and the kids for helping us out the past week. We appreciate it guys and have a safe trip back to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Here's Jessie riding the rehab bike. She does really well, and can pretty much drive it herself.

The Adamies came for a visit today. Brett, Jessie, Nicki, and Shelly.

Look at these guys. They really lit up her face!!

After a hard day of rehab, it's time to drift off to a pink dream. You have to wonder how she got that left arm way above her head like that.... We didn't put it there.

After reading the book "Pinkalicious" today, she asked me tonight if too much pink would turn you pink. I told her no that it couldn't really happen. Thank goodness, or she would already be pinker than cotton candy.

Medical Notes: They've asked us to do some Botox injections on her thumb to loosen it up, however, based on an FDA warning and advice from quite a few friends of Hemi kids, we have chosen to not do Botox injections. We haven't heard of any hemi kids who get lasting results from them..and they can be very painful.

They are beginning to look at new ideas for orthotics as well for both her hand and leg. I can't wait to see what they try next and how that affects her use.

Jessie has some very random, but semi-purposeful movements in her right arm, but Dr. Carson tells us that it is just her brain rewiring. It is evidently normal for these kids.

She has had some nausea and vomiting in previous days, but none in the past 2 days. She looks really good.

God Bless all of you for keeping up with Jessie and for your prayers.

I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend.


LeeAnn said...

Each time I check in on Jessie, I am awed at her progress. I am also awed at the blessings of our Lord! Praise to God who is healing Jessie each day. She is a living testament of His glory.
LeeAnn Horn
Richardson, TX

Ann Stoermer said...

It makes me very happy to see that Jessie is doing so well. I continue to check on her daily and keep her continuously in my thoughts and prayers.

Very warmly,

Ann Stoermer

Nana said...

Look at that precious 'pink' angel sleeping! Thanks Cris for keeping the blog updated. I check on her every day. Keeping all of you in our prayers.

Kelly said...

Family DOES accelerate things. Wait until she goes home. See if they do the Saebo (arm thingie) - that's the one I'm trying to be patient in getting. Next week for Jessie, running and stair climbing!!! You can do it girl!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY JEssie i am so happy for her to be doing so well

Holly Lefevers

Kristin said...

What glorious pictures! I am so impressed with Jessie's amazing progress in the past week alone. WOW! We do serve an awesome God! May He continue to hold you each in the palm of His hand and continue to bless each one of you!

Great update! Thank you for your ongoing updates! I look forward to visiting the blog and checking on Jessie. She is a ray of sunshine to my day.

Hope you all have an amazing week filled with God's wonderful blessings!

Much love to you all!

Grapevine, TX

whitney said...

I CAN believe she has made this progress. anything is possible through the Lord. She is an amazing girl, and more amazing than anyone ive ever met. She is the most beautiful person, and this experience has made her one of the strongest too. I am still looking forward to doing a picture video for you guys. although my email has changed. I will email your family once things get a bit more settled, and etc, from my new email.

God Bless you all!
A Fellow Aledoan!