Sunday, July 20, 2008


Jessie had some visitors up at Cook Children's Hospital the past two days. Her spirits are up, and Jessie knows that she is close to home. We so much appreciate all the well wishes from everyone

When we got to the airport, we were greeted by the Jennings crew, Gleatons, Kelms and Shields. It was extremely touching and overwhelming to be greated by everyone and the ballons and signs were marvelous.

At the Hospital, there was more of the same, and Jessie finally got to see her Grandma and brothers again.

For those of you who have seen Jessie, you know that she is doing remarkably well. For those of you who haven't, I must tell you that she is doing very well. There is no memory loss, no personality loss, no speech loss, and no cognitive loss. She has some vision loss in each eye (hemianopsia), and her left leg and left arm are VERY weak (paresis). She is able to stand, and walk with some assistance now, and we see improvement daily.

Here is Jessie and her buddy Alexandra. Even the smile is less crooked!!

From Left to Right (me, Kraig Smith, Scott Grooms, Shelly Smith, Val Grooms, and somewhere running around are Cassi, Alexandr, Ayden and Ashton)

Alexandra, Jessie, Cassi

Robin Seay (Jessie's Principal at Stuard Elementary) Also, Jessie's bus driver, Miss LaShaunda (or as Jessie would say Miss MaShawnda) and a friend came for a visit, but we forgot to take a picture.

Kristi's Sister and Jessie's cousins arrived from Nebraska today. Aunt Cyndi, then Jake, Casey, Adam, and Colton arrived just in time to see the arrival of the pinkalicious wheelchair from Sujata.
Also, Jessie's Uncle Alan, and Grandma were there for a visit today, but they were a bit camera shy.

The pimped-0ut wheel chair was donated by Sujata in it's raw form and decorated by some pink angels.

Jennie Suchocki and her daughter. Caren Jennings, Traci Cottrell. There is no other wheel chair like it in the world.

Matt pushing his little sister around in her new ride.

The brothers gettin some lovin from Jennie.

I need to go to work, so these late nights are going to have to stop. It's way too late to be staying up on a school night.
God Bless! Cris


Anonymous said...

That is a way cool wheelchair...much nicer than mine. Having said that...I hope it isn't needed real soon.

God bless you all from Rita in Mineral Wells

Anonymous said...

Her smile looks soooooo good. You can see the light in her eyes that she is happy to be by all her friends again!

LOVE the wheelchair!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Lilly, Sophie, Hanna and I want to come visit at Cooks, but thought we would wait till things settle down a bit. You all look so good and good to have you back. Kristi I thought of you a lot Sunday, I went on a trail ride with all my friends, remember you said you would like to go sometime after Jessies surgery, so, anytime just let me know, it would be so good for your soul!!!! You guys have so many great people around you but if you ever need anything please let us know.

Love ya,
The Hefner's (Todd, Kristi, Hanna, Lilly and Sophie)

Anonymous said...

Jessie looks AMAZING! What a beautiful smile. She looks so great! I am so glad that you are back in Texas, although I know the Maryland population is missing that sweet source of inspiration.

I love the wheelchair! I cannot picture anything more appropriate for such a special little pink princess. She won't need it long though, I am sure. Before any of us can believe it, she will be up and running!

I hope your day is filled with blessings from above.



Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Just checking in...we've been keeping up through the blog. Jessie looks wonderful!!! The boys look great too! Cris, don't you wish your hair could grow out as thick and pretty as Jessie's? (-; (I should talk, heh?)

We love you all... Eddie, Tina and Lucy

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! God bless all your family and friends who made the homecoming so warm. A special message for Jessie: Scott would like you to be sure to save one dance at your wedding for him. :)
Maura, Mike, Scott, Emma, and Kelley

Anonymous said...

Hello, Jessie - it was great to see your wonderful smile!! I bet you are glad to be back in Texas!!! We will miss you in Baltimore.