Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back In Texas at Last!!!

Jessie and her buddy Bella at KKI, saying thanks to Midwest Airlines for all of their help. BJ, you are the Greatest!!!!

Jessie is finally Home!!...well at least in Texas and close to home. We flew yesterday eveing, and were met by lots of friends and more TV cameras than I have ever seen in my life!!

We drove over to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth and got Jessie registered, and they were ready for her. Jessie had a grin from ear-to-ear when she saw her brothers and Grandma. It was amazing!!! She didn't even seem to mind beging back in another hospital.

Jessie can stand pretty well, but still need a lot of work to walk independently. We are certain that Cook Children's Hospital will get her walking.

Thanks to all of Jessie's Angels for guarding over her and our family. I'll keep everyone updated on how Jessie is doing.

God Bless All of You!!

Here are a few News Clips from Jessie's arrival to DFW and Cook Children's Medical Center.


Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME, JESSIE, MOM AND DAD!!! My family saw Jessie's return on TV. It brought tears to my eyes. I have followed her from before the surgery, we are so happy you are all home!! When we go away for a week, we are so glad to see the Texas sign, I cant imagine how you felt after being gone for 6-7 weeks!!! Jessie, YOU LOOK GREAT!! We loved your Pirate joke!! Keep up the great work, and you will continue to be in our prayers and thoughts. I know ya'll dont know us, but we love you and wish nothing less than the best for you and your entire family, that is what you deserve and have so earned.

Love from Texas,

The Campbell's
Jack, Carla, Sarah, and Nicki

LeeAnn said...

Praise the Lord!! I am so glad ya'll are back in Texas. I will continue to
pray for Jessie's recovery. She looks great!
Richardson, TX

Gas Family said...

Jessie was the top story on Ch 8 and Ch 11 last night. We are so happy that she is home.

Welcome Home Hall Family!!!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to see you most of the way home. I know you won't rest until you're all under the same roof, and have Jessie sleeping in her own bed. Work hard Jessie, Abby is pulling for you.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad for you guys especially to be back in texas and closer to your boys also...the rehab unit is good they sent us home early cause gabby wasn't the "easiest" child to rehab because she didnt understand what was going on, and they didn't always take that into consideration but gabby was walking independantly by 2 months post op...they also sent her home with pt ot and speech to the house for 2 months...and the school will provide those services also!!!! We would love to see jessie when you guys have time and for gabby to meet her, when things quite down!! keep up the good work jessie you will be running in no time!!! krista and rick and gabby yambo

Anonymous said...

WOW...Jessie!!! Mom & Dad!!! Just fabulous! Jessie, I am almost 50 but you are teaching me a lot. I am at work today and just crying watching you on tv! Prayers and hugs from a mom in Dallas who just heard of your story and has been reading! You go Girl! I wear my pink bracelet in pride!

Angela B. said...

WELCOME HOME JESSIE!!! I am a friend of Sarah Alward all the way over here in Ohio! I have been following your story since we first found out about Sarah. You have been such a blessing and a joy for us as we struggle to understand God's plans for Sarah and for you and for all the other precious children with this awful disease. I'll keep pray'en for ya! You be'll be running tbe halls before long! Love from Ohio, Angela Beatty

Allie said...

Welcome back to TEXAS!!! We loved seeing you all on the news last night- there were many loud celebratory cheers from our living room. Keep it up, Jessie! You are doing so great!! Thank you so much for sharing little Isabella with us; she is such a darling little girl, and she will definitely be in our prayers. Love and blessings.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Hall Family!!! I am amazed at Jessie's progress, God is awsome. Keep up the hard work Jessie.

Sharon in Dallas

Anonymous said...

i am so glad you are back in texa my pastors daughter and son in law go to new river fellowship their names are paul and cassie gray

ashley in weatherford i love pink