Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fever Persists

The fever has persisted and gotten as high as 102.5 today. They are able to control it with Motrin, but they can't seem to figure out where it is coming from. The blood work is pretty much inconclusive.

Fever, of course, usually indicates an infection (either bacterial or viral), but nothing significant is showing up in blood or urine samples. Hemispherectomy kids, usually have persistent fevers, but I'm not sure if these are common 1 month after surgery. I'm waiting for some answers from other parents who have gone through this process to see what their experiences were.

In the mean time, Jessie is feeling pretty good when the Mortrin is in her, and even did all of her therapy today. Sunday's are, Biblically and in the rehab world of KKI, a day of rest.

I hope that everyone has a Sunday full of rest for the body and for the spiritual soul. Please say a little prayer for Jessie, that this pesky fever goes away, and we can come back to Texas next week.

I've added blogs of other Hemispherectomy kids to my blog list on the left bottom of Jessie's blog. These are either recent kids who have undergone the procedure, or who will soon do it. Please offer up a short prayer for these kids as well.

Kristi and I hope to see all of you real soon, so that you can see how well Jessie is doing. Her voices and speech are good, and her left hand is about the same as before surgery...only it isn't in a continuous seizure anymore. She is not able to walk on her own yet, however, her legs are getting stronger and hopefully in a month or so, she will be there.

We had a wonderful visit with Caren Jennings while she was up here this week, and I believe that she may have made a new friend in Jane Stefanik. I know that we have. The Hemispherecomy Foundation will be a HUGE success with these two on the team. I know that many others of you want to be a part of The Hemispherectomy Foundation, and I look forward to working with you. In the meantime, please send emails to Kristi or Caren, and we will file them away until we have projects ready to launch. Thanks again to all of you who have volunteered to help.

God's Rest to all of you tonight. Cris


Isabella Claire Griggs said...


I hope you feel better tomorrow so we can play together in the playroom. I miss all of your pinkness. Mom and I said prayers for you tonight.

Isabella (@KKI)

rhonda said...

jessie and you and your family are in our prayers God please speed the healing to Jessie. Our family has been in your shoes before. My cousin had the same operaiton when she was 3 now that she is 11 hope is all around you. My cousin will be sending Jessie letters soon. She is visiting the family from South Carolina. My God send warmth and happiness to your hearts again.

Anonymous said...

I hope Jessie's fever goes away. I did not have that kind of surgery but I had a big surgery and for well over 6 weeks i kept running fevers and again none of the lab work was showing why. One day though after coming home the fevers just stopped.

Angela B. said...

Hi from Middletown, Ohio! You can probably guess that I'm a friend of Sarah! You have been in my thoughts and prayers for many months and have served as an inspiration and a role model for all of us as we learned about this awful disease. I had the privilege of working on the benfit committee that put together a benefit for Sarah. It was last night and we just stood back and marveled as God rained down his blessings on Sarah and her family! It was amazing. We too marvel at the blessings God continues to bless you with and keep on praying for more!! I hope Jessie's fever breaks soon and I'll keep praying for you!
Love, Angela B.

Erin said...

Jessie I just wanted to let you know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers I hope that you are feeling better soon! once you get all settled in at home I would love to come visit you! I am so proud of how hard you have been working!!! All My Love, Miss Mcgaugh