Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WJZ Baltimore to Run Farewell to Jessie Story Tonight

I just heard from our Baltimore representative of The Hemispherectomy Foundation (thanks Jane), that WJZ will run a feature story tonight saying farewell to Jessie and welcome home to Texas. There is a teaser out on right now, but the big story runs tonight and they are usually pretty quick to get it up on their website.

So check out tonight sometime after 10:00 PM CST, and it should be posted. I beleive that Channel 11 may be running something as well if they get the footage that they need from Cook Children's Medical Center.

In Celebration of Jessie's Homecoming, The Hemispherectomy Foundation is excited to announce that after the broadcast, The Hemispherectomy Website will be on-line!!! So after the broadcast, be sure to check out .

Blessings to all for all of your prayers, comfort, support, and work in making The Hemispherectomy Foundation a reality!!

Kristi, Cris, Caren, John


Anonymous said...

I came on the here to tell you that WJZ was airing this story but you beat me to it..guess you are not that slow after all. Glad Jessie is home, she looks very happy to be around friends and family. Thanks for keeping the many hearts in Baltimore up to date on her progress. May God continue to bless Jessie and all the other families in need of a prayer.

Glen Burnie, Maryland

Anonymous said...

WOW! GREAT JOB WJZ!! Everyone has to watch this one!!! Jessie, you are so special, you have no idea!!!

Jane, Samie & Nickie

Anonymous said...

Logan and I are thrilled that you are back in Texas. We are looking forward to our return in a few weeks time. It is wonderful that you are doing so well. We know that there are many challenges on this road, nothing is too big for God. We will keep you all in our Prayers. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Mary * Logan

OneofSix said...

I loved how you had that pink cowgirl hat and talked about goin' to Texas! We are so glad to have you home! It's miraculous and we're keeping you! I know that Baltimore took such excellent care of you and loved you dearly. How blessed you were to be so well tended to up there! I love you, Little Girl!! Now, let me at that walker of yours!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recieved an email from Jane. She came across my email at another website, which lead me to yours.My daughter had a hemispherectomy at 9 months old.She is now 1 year old and off all medication.This is her site if you would like to see it. my email,

Anonymous said...

I saw Jessie's update on WJZ and she is doing fantastic. She'll throw that walker away in no time. Syd has had two more surgeries in as many days. She has another infection and we are back at Hopkins. Another bump in her road to recovery and a set back with her therapy. I miss stopping by KKI to chat with you. Jessie, Syd did great when Candie took out the staples and her Meme promised her money if she said they didn't hurt. Glad you are back in TX close to family and friends.

Take care and you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.
Wendy Joyce

Megan Lacefield said...

Hello Hall family...we are headed off to camp!!! I promise to take good care of Matt! Tell Jessie I'm gonna come see her after we get back from camp! Can't Wait. We R parayin 4 U & you can pray for all the kids at camp this weekend that God would do some really cool things...we know we have a really cool GOD!!!!!!

In HIm,
Miss Megan