Monday, July 7, 2008

A Visit and Dinner from Jackson and Friends

We had a nice visit today from Jackson (middle), his mom Ann and his friend's Ashlyn and Michaela and mom Missy. They brought us dinner out to The Children's House where Jessie was hiding out on furlow. Jackson was a patient of Dr. Carson back several years ago and is doing quite well after his brain surgery.

Jackson and his mom brought Jessie a cut little stuffed animal from Narnia...well, I guess litttle isn't exactly the correct adjective, but he IS cute. I guess we'll need to buy him a plane ticket home. ;-0 Thanks guys for brightening up Jessie's day.


Anonymous said...

What a blessing it is to have so many visitors in a distant place. Jessie looks like she is in good spirits...even giving us a glimpse of that precious, beautiful smile. Thank you for sharing a few photos. I am continuing to pray for test results that rule out any infection in Jessie. You are also in my prayers for continued strength, wisdom and patience.
Thanks for sharing. Hoping to read a wonderful update later of blessed news about sweet Jessie.

Take care!

Lots of hugs and kisses,
Grapevine, TX

saretta rowland said...

You would think after 58 years of growing up with God and with Christ, that nothing would suprise me. Yet, after reading this blog on a daily basis, it is amazing to see God working with and through Jessie. So many concerned people, praying people, and all seeking God. He ia an Awesome God.
Jessie, you and your family and all the kids there at John Hopkins, and KKI are in our prayers here in Texas.
love, Saretta (Kass's mom)

Anonymous said...

Peggy Corinth TX

Good to see you Jessie with a smile nice that you had a nice visit, soon you will be able to hold up that big tiger!!! Get well sweety.. I have several people from all over the world that come to my blog to read and see how well you are doing..we all continue to pray for you and all at KKI..Give your family a big ole TX hug from all of us...

Hugs from TX...

Anonymous said...

I continue to read your updates daily and wish the best for all of you. Jessie really looks great and happy. Please keep Sarah Alward and her family in your prayers also. She will be having her surgery this Friday 7-11. It is through her website ( that I met Jessie and your family. From Cincinnati-- Thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

The pink "Pray for Jessie" bracelet that I wear on my left wrist reminds me everyday about your sweet little girl. Her story touched me so much and I pray for you and your family everyday. I hope to hear great news in your next blog about there being no infection. Stay strong and know that you have all of us out here supporting you.

Chrissy Stary and family