Monday, July 7, 2008

The Texas Ranger's at Kennedy Krieger !!

The Texas Rangers are in town today for a three-game series with the Baltimore Orioles. Jessie played T-Ball, and her brothers all played baseball at Aledo Althetics, so we are kindof a baseball family.

"OK!! I Object!! Why is it that my stinky brothers get to go to a baseball game, and I have to stay here at Kennedy Krieger and do Rehab?" Notice the O's caps.

Here are Josh, Jake, Jared Adams, and Matt getting ready to board a water taxi over to Camden Yards to watch the Orioles play the Rangers. We took the Metro over to the Adams' hotel, so this is their very first Subway ride, and Water-Taxi ride. Jamie, Hold on to that camera!! Notice the Texas Ranger's caps. Thanks Mr. Washington for the Texas Rangers Caps and the tickets to the game.

Here is the Adams family from left to right...Melanie, Jeremy, Jamie, and Jared. These guys are some of Jessie's angels. They are responsible, along with the Texas Rangers organization for doing some amazing things for Jessie, our boys, and our family. For those of you that know them, you know that they have hearts of gold. For those of you who don't know them, I hope that you have a chance to meet them. Jamie and Melanie have been doing amazing things for Jessie way back to the Big Pink Send Off from Stuard Elementary for Jessie.

They were our hosts at Camden Yards for the big game.

The Orioles Mascot came up to meet the boys during the game. I think that they enjoyed it, but here, it looks like they're terrified. It was quite a treat for the "real" mascot to come and meet the kids. They really felt special to be able to get so close to the mascot. Also during the game, the boys were delivered a bag of Orioles gear from the team, including a cap, big hand, and more. They were given a ball for Jessie signed by several of the players.

The game is over, and the Rangers lost....awe..but they went on to win the series!!! This was an unforgettable day for all of us. Thanks Jamie and Melanie, The Texas Rangers, and The Baltimore Orioles. It was an incredible day for all of us, but especially for the kids.


What is this!?!!??? MLB Texas Rangers Baseball players on the floor at Kennedy Krieger Institute. These are some amazing guys. They have a game to play today, and yet they've taken the time to come out and visit Jessie and bring her gifts from our FAVORITE Major League Baseball Team.

The fellow on the left is Texas Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson and the fellow on the right is Texas Rangers catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. They must go to the same barber as Jessie, although I bet that Jessie's haircut cost more than CJ's and Jarrod's. The picture that they are holding is a pink jersey with #8 (Jessie's T-Ball number), and Jessie's name on the back, signed and presented by Nolan Ryan and the Aledo Ladycats Softball Team.

Here is Jarrod and Jessie. Jessie had such a good time with Jarrod, and I know that Jarrod felt a special attachment to Jessie, since he has little ones of his own.

I think that Jessie really thinks that CJ is cute. She really likes his mohawk. I still can't believe that these young men came all the way out to Kennedy Krieger to say hi to Jessie and give her a BIG Texas Hug. These men are top notch players and top notch humans to take time out of their busy schedules an visit a sick little girl in the hospital. Thanks guys!!!

And this is our special little Texas Ranger Jared Adams. He plays catcher for his Aledo Althetics All-Star Team, and took the time to draw Jessie a picture. Jared, you are a true all-star.

Here is the whole Adams team, and all the boys have Jessie hair. You guys are truly Jessie's Angels and we appreciate this July 4th weekend more than you will ever know. When you left KKI, it was determined that Jessie had an undetermined infection, and they had us go over to Hopkins ER where we spent the whole night.
The memories that we carried over there from the game and the "special" visit from the Texas Rangers gave us something nice to think about. Thank You so Much!! and Jamie, I'm glad the SCUBA divers got your camera out of the Chesapeake Bay!
P.S. Melanie Adams is the Chair for "Pickin' for Preemies" Country Music Event this year, and all the money raised for this event will go to the Tarrant County March of Dimes. Melanie and Jamie's son Jared, as well as my twins Jake and Josh were premature and spent many days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I encourage you to support this wonderful organization and event.
I was amazed at how sharing Melanie and Jamie were in helping me understand how non-profit foundations work and how to organize them, operate them, and ultimately endow them. If you are interested in helping this organization or event, please contact Melanie Adams 817-235-2222.
Also, Jamie does some pretty amazing work himself, in high-end real estate, and is most assuredly going to be angry with me for putting his info up on the blog.


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a GREAT day at the ball park!! We are so glad to hear the boys had such a great time!!! How COOL!! We are also glad to hear the Jessie is back at KKI and such special visitors!!

Love, Jane, Samie & Nickie

Anonymous said...

Now that's a great way to spend a day at the ball park!!!

The boys definately will have a summer they will not soon forget, and they have so many GREAT stories they can use to write about "what you did this summer" when they return to school in the fall!

Wow, how cool Jessie, to have 2 great looking Texas Rangers (CJ and Jarrod) visit you in rehab!!! They sure are super guys to take time from their busy schedules to pay you a special visit like that; and how cool, another autographed ball to add to your new collection!

God's blessings have sure been poured out on y''s awesome to see how many people have played a part in your journey!

I bet it really helps to have such great friends be able to visit you and spend time with you while you are so far away from home.

Glad you had a great 4th of July!


Lee Ann

Jenny said...

What an awesome weekend!! I love the Rangers, so I definitely would be SO excited to meet CJ and Jarrod. Lucy you, Jessie!! :)

I'm so happy things are going well!