Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prayers for Aiden

There is a little boy out in California, named Aiden, who is just a wonderful kid, and who has wonderful and amazing parents. Aiden had a hemispherectomy last year, and is evidently experiencing frustration and/or pain that is making him want to hit his head. This little guy has been through so much, and deserves some peace, as do his parents.

Rachel, his Mom is also The Hemispherectomy Foundation Specialty Director over Sturge-Weber Syndrome, and she is our Web Master. She is an amazing person and an amazing mom.

Please say a prayer for Aiden, and Rachel. They need some peace and resolution and they need it quick. So please take just a few minutes when you read this, and stop and say a prayer for them. Especially that they figure out was is going on with Aiden, and that they find peace from it.
Aiden's Blog is at .

God Bless,


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