Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jessie / Dr. Carson / Cuba Gooding Jr. ?


I just watched a clip from Baltimore about the Upcoming movie "Gifted Hands", the story of Dr. Ben Carson (Jessie's Brain Surgeon). Cuba Gooding Jr. is playing Dr. Carson.

Anyway, this news clip shows Dr. Carson, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Jessie. She's hangin out with some high profile folks these days. Dr. Carson also agreed to be The Hemispherectomy Foundation Honorary Chair of the Medical Advisory Board.

Here's the Link.
http://wjz.com/morningedition/carson.screening.2.925270.html . You may have to click on the Dr. Carson story.

Also, Jessie will be on the Channel 21 News at 7:00 tonight to talk about some of these things. Well, she will want to talk about her "Texas" 1st Grade Program probably.




Anonymous said...

Hello Jessie, Mom and Dad,
I have left messages in the past to let you know that I've prayed for you and I read your entire site. My friend is a teacher here in Baltimore and she remembers Dr. Ben Carson from back in the late 80's when he became famous for separating those twins from Germany. Her and I watched Gifted Hands tonight together...actually she livss an hour away from me so we had our aim chat up. What a gifted man. My friend and I kept chatting back and forth during commercials and sometimes leaving messages such as "crying my eyes out"...It was a great movie. My friend asked me if I knew of him and I said yes, I've been following Jessie's case pretty closely via this website. Dr. Carson is a wonderfully gifted man who shows love and affection for his patients and their loved ones outside of just being a surgeon. I'm so happy that Jessie is doing great. I'm so happy that he helped you. I just want to drive down to Hopkins and hug him so tight. My daughter had surgery in 1989 for a cleft palate at Hopkins and our experience was a wonderful one. Everyone there was great and made our stay a memorable one. Such a great hospital and I'm so proud that Johns Hopkins is from my state and I'm so proud that they help people from all over the world. Bless all of you and I still keep you in my prayers. Karen in Baltimore

Grandma said...

Jessie & Family,
I too, watched the Dr. Ben Carson movie...WOW!! He is truly a wonderful man. I am so glad he was your Doctor. I still keep up with how you are doing and pray for you and your family every day! By the way, I am so happy to see you doing so well...
Vicky Luttrell in Baltimore

Anonymous said...

I saw this today and thought I would pass the link along. Sorry if this is a repeat.


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