Monday, April 27, 2009

No More Keppra (Hopefully)

Jessie is now completely off of Keppra, and no seizures thus far. We have been tapering for a couple of months. So all that she is on now is 100mg of Tegretol, 3 times per day and 5-10mg of Adderall.

She has been having some episodes where her tummy hurts for about 30 seconds and then stops. These may be seizure activity, but they don't look to be so. (only an EEG could tell for sure) She still responds to commands and can follow instructions during the episodes, but there is definitely something going on...just not sure what. When they are done, she isn't tired and she doesn't have a headache, so right now we are calling them episodes.

She had these before reducing Keppra, but has been having a few more lately. We also plan to take her off of Adderall for the summer. Currently she doesn't take it on weekends. We currently see more and more Jessie as we near the 1 year mark of surgery. On Saturday, we went to the baseball game, and she laughed and talked throughout the game and all the way through dinner. That is so much the way she was before she got sick.

Please pray that these episodes are not seizures, and that she continues to progress.

God Bless,


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Holly said...

praying for no seizures