Friday, May 1, 2009

The Time to Sign-Up is NOW !!!!

Only 2 weeks til Dreams on Wings. On May 16th, You can walk it, You can run it, but DON'T miss it! It's early enough that you can do the race, and have the rest of your Saturday.
Click here and sign-up now :

We have a growing number of people that will be running or walking the race at home, and in other states. These are our "Virtual Angels" Some people will even be picking their own time to commit to 3.1 miles. So, there are NO excuses not to participate. Register NOW and come to Weatherford on May 16th or be a "Virtual Angel".
Check out some of the Hemi Foundation Kids that you'll be helping :

or Check out The Hemi Foundation YouTube Channel :

Also, check out our wonderful Sponsors for the race :
And as a last thought : The best thing to fight a flu is to eat right, drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, and exercise. Well, we can't help with all but the rest. The race will have plenty to drink, eat, and exercises, so come on out and say no to the Piggy Flu! :-)
Remember, register on-line at
God Bless,

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Oscar Gomez said...

Chris,Kristi,Jessie and the rest of the Hall family..Thank you so much again for inviting us! It was so much fun! We can not wait till the next one!Alyssa was so excited to meet Jessie and now really misses her!=( Jessie is a very sweet and very outgoing lil' angel.Please tell her we are very proud of her and it was a pleasure to meet her...You'all are a very sweet and special family. Thank you for allowing us a couple of unforgetable days in yalls lives. You guys will always have another family in Houston. God Bless and we will stay in touch. GO JESSIE! Alyssa Gomez and family