Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jessie's Dyna-Splints

Jessie received two new splints this week to wear at night. These are from DynaSplint ( and are two help her loosen her hand and ankle.

The First is for her ankle, and basically pushes up on her foot to stretch out the muscles which tighten over time and point her toe downward. She doesn't mind sleeping in them and so we will watch and see what kind of results she gets.

This one holds her finders out and her hand in an upward position. I can't beleive that she sleeps in these things, but she doesn't seem to mind. This means that she doesn't have to wear them during the day. It's like therapy while she sleeps.
She was also fitted for another day brace for her leg to keep her from hyper-extending her knee, but as soon as Kristi and I saw her walk in it, we said "no way". It was like 2 steps backward, plus it didn't keep her from hyper-extending her knee.
We'll continue to use the Walk-Aid, and the knee cage at home.


Brande J. said...

That is awesome! Tyson got splints from DynaSplints a couple of months ago. He has an elbow one and a hand one. They just developed the infant sized they are still working out the bugs, and he pulls it off almost the second its on. You'll have to let me know how Jessie's help her.

Marieke said...

Could you post pictures of her other splints? Even the one you vetoed?

Jessie said...

It was a standard white AFO, Calf high, with a hinged heel.

Anonymous said...

I hope your little one is growing up healthy! I think the wrist splint would greatly benefit me, what was the cost on it, it doesn't say on the website.