Saturday, July 17, 2010

Complex Partial and Simple Partial Seizures Confirmed on EEG

During the past 24 hours, the neurologist at Cook Children's caught enough on the EEG to Confirm that Jessie is having Complex and Simple Partial Seizures. Weekends at the hospital are slow, so we don't have a detailed report yet, but we hope to find out on Monday more info such as origin point of seizures, and how many subclinicals seizures are going on.

We pushed the button (seizure button) 10 times just in 24 hours, so there are a lot that we saw and probably more that we didn't.

She is on Tegretol again, started today, and the seizure activity immediately went down. We'll see what Tegretol does over the next few weeks, as we get a new MRI, and as 2nd/3rd opinion.

Right now, we don't know the next steps, and that could take weeks to determine. We appreciate all of your prayers as we work through this difficult time.

On the positive side, Jessie is in GREAT spirits, as always. She loves life and is still the happiest kid that I know.




Anonymous said...

Glad to know the medicine helped, and at least the drs were able to see/read the seizures. Hopefully they will have some good news on Monday.

Garbageman's Daughter said...

My heart goes out you and at the same time terrifies me. My five-year-old son who just had his hemispherectomy on June 14th to stop Rasmussen's and his seizures. I really thought that the surgery was the cure for Rasmussen's, but we too have been warn that seizures could start on the right side of teh body. This all seems very confusing. I know things are crazy for you right now. But, when you have time, I would like to exchange emails with you about your daughter's condition. In the past three months, I read the entire blog you maintained for her and felt so hopeful for your family and ours. I am so sorry for the step backward. I hope you find answers soon.

Laura Andringa said...

Praying hard for Jessie and for all of your family as you wait to see what to do next about these new seizures! Praying for the Lord's wisdom and direction and once again for Jessies healing!!