Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seizures or Not? Unfortunately it Looks Like Seizures

Over the past two years, Jessie has been seizure free. Occasionally, she would have an upset stomach, but for the most part, we attributed this to GI issues. They were short, and didn't disrupt her ability to live a normal life.

Starting last Sunday, she began to get a twitch in her right eye during these episodes, so we immediately went to her pediatric epileptologist at Cook Children's Hospitl, Dr. Malik. We were so thankful that he got us so quickly. Jessie also underwent a 30 minute EEG. Nothing showed up on the EEG, and so Dr. Malik suggested that we wait and see what happens. We agreed.

Yesterday, we captured a video of one of Jessie's Eye episodes. She is now having them a couple of times per day. They start with an upset stomach and she sometimes vomits, then this right eye twitching begins.

Click Here to View on YouTube :
The only reason that she is touching her nose, is because we ask her to do this to try to suppress the activity. It obviously doesn't work.

After seeing this video, Dr. Malik believes that they ARE seizures, so Jessie has been scheduled for a Video EEG and some time at Cook Children's Hospital's Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. She will be there starting 1st thing Friday morning.

I have always been very honest on this blog, and I will continue to be so. When things are going good, it is fun to read, but when things are bad, not so much.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers over this difficult time. Please continue your prayers for Jessie and God Bless you for your words of support.

Jessie's Dad


Anonymous said...

Oh my. Just happened to log in and saw this....prayers for sure tomorrow. Hopefully it isn't anything serious. Love from Aledo.

mominaledo said...

I'm so glad I checked in to see if you had updated. Last post I saw was of the dance. Glad you got in so quick to your docs at Cooks. I'll pass on the word that prayers are needed your way. Take care, Carrie

Anonymous said...

Hey guys it is the Motts here. I really appreciate you all keeping us informed of what is going on with Jessie. I will be honest with you as well when I say it is hard to watch the video as it brings back so many memories. My prayers are for an EASY solution to this. I am here for you all you all if you need anything. Much Love. Shelly

Mindy said...

I have been checking in on your family from time to time. I will keep Jessie on my prayer list. She is truly a fighter and I know that she is in the best of hands.