Monday, August 9, 2010

Back at Cook Children's

Unfortunately, Jessie is back in the hospital. We took her into the ER on Sunday after she began to dehydrate. She has been unable to keep much liquid down since surgery on Thursday. Her last meal was on Wednesday. The poor kid has been without food for almost a week. She has kept small amounts of liquid down, but not nearly enough, so she is on IV fluids.

Dr. Donahue says that it is her body getting used to the lack of pressure on the brain. It is possible that this is the case, and we hope for a better day tomorrow. It is also possible that the new shunt is overdoing it's job and draining too much CSF (cerebral spinal fluid).

I wish that I had more information and better news.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers, cards, and gifts for Jessie.

Jessie has all that she needs. I ask that if you feel like you want to do something, please don't send gifts. Instead, please donate to one of the following organizations:

The Hemispherectomy Foundation :
(Dedicated to children and families who have endured Hemispherectomy Brain Surgery)

The RE Children's Project :
(Dedicated to finding a cure for Rasmussen's Encephalitis )

God Bless,



Anonymous said...

Prayers continue!

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you all. Hope it all settles down soon and Jessie can begin to feel better. Strength and much grace.

Amy Houck said...

Praying for Jessie! I found your blog when searching for more info on seizures. We have a 5 month old that had a 20 min. and then a 3 hour seizure on father's day. That's nothing compared to what you all have been through. Blessings and strength for your family.

Sharon said...

My prayers continue for Jessie!

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray for Jessie and ALL of you. I pray God surrounds your family with this love and comfort!