Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jessie is Home from the Hospital

Jessie is home from the hospital after a successfuly shunt placement for hydrochephalus. While we had no choice but to have the shunt placed to relieve pressure on her brain, there is now a whole new set of things that we have to watch for.

Right now, she is having a very difficult time keeping down food and liquids. We have to take it very slow, and she mostly has to lay on her back. When she sits up, she will get sick and throw-up everything that we've spent the past hour trying to get her to hold down.

If she doesn't start holding things down better by Monday, we may have to put her back in the hospital. I'm really surprised that they sent her home so quickly, but they did.

Right now, our biggest concern is that the shunt is overdraining and she actually doesn't have enough spinal fluid and pressure.

Thanks for all of your continued prayers.



Anonymous said...

Poor baby girl! Prayers continue!

Joey G said...

I hope she gets better, actually you know what, she will get better. Prayers to her and her family.

Joe( Lemonade Stand Person)