Saturday, October 30, 2010

In for Follow-Up MRI one Day, Brain Surgery the Next

Jessie is now sporting a new foot-long scar on the back of her head thanks to the most recent round of shunt-revision surgery that took place on Friday morning.

The good news, is that she is already home and doing GREAT, except for a huge scar running down the back of her head.

On Thursday, we went into Cook Children's Hospital for a routine, follow-up MRI. After the scan, a nurse came in and asked us to stick-around. We knew this couldn't be good. So they found that the Low-Pressure VP shunt that they put in two months ago was working great, and her venticles were nearly normal size again. Unfortunately, there was now a subdural pocket of CSF on the top of her brain. This was caused by the brain colapsing to normal size after being under pressure for so long. Unfortunately, this was pushing the brain past mid-line into the Hemispherectomy space and also pressing on the brain stem.

Jessie was experiencing no symptoms of pressure, in fact, most of her symptoms from earlier hydrocephalus had resolved.

So, she was admitted for surgery and Friday morning, the shunt was revised with a new branch of tubing to drain from this area as well. The scar is great for halloween.

Jessie is doing great, home and playing. We'll get another MRI in a week or so. Hopefully things will be better then.

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement from our friends an family.



Anonymous said...

thinking of you guys and hope jessie is healing well...
tracey b

Holly said...

wow I had no idea! I have not been getting updates from the yahoo group. Im glad she came through surgery doing so great