Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Hemi Lighted Forest of Hope!

Christmas Time is coming early this year, so if work and life is getting you down and you need a good shot of "Feel Good". Check out this story, and especially the link to the images and audio. You'll be glad that you did. This is Kristi's Mom and Dad who did all of this and we hope to see it in the national spotlight soon. Enjoy and Blessings!! Cris

The Hemi Lighted Forest of Hope is a celebration of LIFE and HOPE for children all over the world, who have had their lives turned upside down, in a battle against intractable epilepsy. These children all underwent radical brain surgery in HOPE of living a life seizure free. A tree will be lighted for each child who has undergone Hemispherectomy Brain Surgery and who has registered with The Hemispherectomy Foundation. These ...trees and lights represent a celebration of each child’s HOPE for a life without epilepsy.

This year, 421 trees will be lit and each year more trees and lights will be added to the Hemi Lighted Forest of Hope.

The Lighted Forest Facts :

65,000 lights or 3.47 Miles of continuous lighting

4.5 Acres of Trees

2,000 Feet of underground wiring

450 Extension Cords

440 String of Multicolored LED Christmas Lights

Amazing Vido and Story Here. This is REALLY Cool !

Images and Audio -

Story -

To find out more about The Hemispherectomy Foundation, go to

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