Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jessie is Home !

After a nice Christmas Concert at Cook Children's Medical Center with Randy Travis, Charlie Pride, and some other Country stars, Jessie was released and is now home.

Pictures below, including one with Jessie and Randy Travis.

So, Jessie is beginning to feel much better and we feel blessed to have her home. On the down side, she has had 3 seizures since surgery. That really bites. It is too early to call the surgery unsuccessful. We'll give it a few months, and give her brain time to heal from the trauma of brain surgery, and then we will know for sure.

No need to speculate until then. One Day at a time and Thanks to God ! Thanks to you all for your prayers, emails, Facebookings, Texts, Calls, Gifts, Visits. We Love You.

Blessings to all for a Merry Christmas. Cris


Anonymous said...

Jessie looks amazing and I am so glad for all of you that she is home. I really hate to hear about the seizures but like you I agree that it is too early to tell. I think I may have told you all that Cameron stayed on all meds for almost two years before we tappered. She has just recently gotten off of Depakote and remains on Trileptal which seems to be doing the trick. The down side to staying on the meds for so long are of course the cognitive issues but Cameron is doing much better in school now that she is on less medication. We lift you up daily and will continue to pray for Jessie's healing. You guys are amazing and God did a good thing in giving Jessie to you. Much love. Shelly

Sharon C. said...

Jessie looks so cute in the photo! Glad she is home!
My prayers continue!
Sharon C.

Deanne said...

Hey Chris...I can't believe what a year your family has had! I just caught up on all of 2010-present. I know I've seen some of it, but my own seizures cause me to forget sometimes. I tried to find you on facebook so I could keep up on Jessie's story but there are a lot of Chris Hall's out there. Can you post a link on your blog for us to send you a friend request? It would be appreciated.
Another concerned "friend" you simply haven't met yet :)