Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Surgery Tomorrow

Today, we will be at Cook Children’s Medical Center for Pre-Op, Registration, and all the other pre-operative stuff that you have to do. Jessie’s surgery will be Thursday (tomorrow). I will try to keep everyone updated, probably on Facebook, as that seems to be the most used media these days.

The increase in Tegretol has kept Jessie’s seizure to only a couple a day, and not very intense, so she has been able to continue in school this week. Her seizures look something like a combination of a complex partial, and simple partial seizure, beginning with a tummy ache, then staring, and some twitching in her right eye. They are mild, but they continue to break through the Tegretol dose. It is just a matter of time til we would be back in the ER like last week.

The saddest part, is that yet another year, she misses her class Christmas Party. This is pretty important to a 2nd grader, but she hasn’t complained one time. Kristi and I were looking at our vacation spent this year, and over ½ was spent for hospital time. Really, this has been a harder year for Jessie than her 1st complete year after surgery. We pray that this will be the last one.

So, Dr. Donahue will be going after some tissue and connections that are firing up on the SPECT Scan when Jessie is seizing. It is small amounts of tissue and two connections that need to be severed. Unfortunately, It is full-open, brain surgery just like her 2008 Hemispherectomy. Fortunately, recovery shouldn’t be as long as the first surgery. If all goes well, her stay at Cooks shouldn’t be over a week….God willing less.

On the bright side of things, if Jessie feels well, Christmas time at Cook Children’s is magical. They really spoil the kiddos there all the time, but Christmas is over the top.

Kristi and I once again ask for your prayers. It seems like every time we turn around, we are asking everyone to pray for Jessie. We are not too proud to keep asking, so please pray for Jessie and her doctors and for a quick recovery.


Cris and Kristi Hall


Kelly O'Melia said...

Praying for Jessie this am that the surgery would be a complete success and leave her seizure-free forever. Praying for no complications and an easy, speedy recovery.

Sharon C. said...

Praying for Jesse and her doctors and her family.
Sharon C.

Anonymous said...

Really thinking of Jessie, the doctors and the family especially today and included you all in my prayers this morning.

Jan said...

The above comment was from me, Jan.

Anonymous said...

Please post updates here as well. Prayers and Hugs from Aledo

Anonymous said...

Gods peace. You are on my mind and I can't get to facebook at work to get an update. Much love and prayer for you all. Shelly