Friday, June 26, 2009

Anes' Story - The Little Boy from Bosnia

Anes' Story

… the joy of meeting your newborn child for the first time.
… taking him home with such overwhelming love and joy in your heart.
… the heartache of learning something is gravely wrong with him and having few answers.
… learning that the medical treatment he needs is not available in your country.
… feeling scared, lost and alone without the knowledge of what to do next.

Can you…imagine it?
Could you live it…if it happened to you?

The Dzebic family in Bosnia and Herzegovina has lived it, for nearly 15 months. In March 2008, Adis and Aldina welcomed a son, Anes, into their world. They took him home and marveled at him. It was only a couple of days before their happiness turned to worry when Anes began to have what they would quickly find out were seizures. They took him to a local hospital, but were quickly sent to one of the few hospitals in Bosnia that can treat pediatric emergencies, “Kosevo”. There they learned that Anes was born with right-sided hemimegalencephaly. There they learned that the Bosnian medical system knew little about his condition and that they did not have the technology, nor the medical staff with the skills necessary to treat a child like Anes. There they learned that a special surgery, called a hemispherectomy, might be able to help their son; only to find out that it was not available in their country.

To read the rest of this amazing story and the role of The Hemispherectomy Foundation in this little boy's life, read here : then click on the feature story in the middle. Grab a box of kleenex.

Keep up with this little boy's journey from Bosnia to the USA and the miracles surrounding his life at . He is one cute little guy!

I love this foundation!!!!

Have a blessed week.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jessie's Surgery was One Year Ago, Today!!

Jessie's surgery was 1 year ago, today.

I'll never forget how happy and relaxed she was that morning. Almost no EPC, and how cute she was walking down the hospital halls with her green hospital garb on with her little butt sticking out. She was giving everyone high-fives. She was so trusting of everyone.

Kristi walked her into the Operating Room, and Jessie JUMPED up on the Operating Room Table with the help of some of the doctors. This was the last time that she walked without a limp. I cried for 15 minutes. Then we all said a long prayer, and began our 10-hour wait.

This was also the last day of seizures for her. It is a happy day and a sad day, all at the same time. But mostly happy.

Jessie is now one-year post-op, and one-year seizure free. I'm praying that the EEG confirms what I just wrote. Thanks to all of you for such great support over the last year and a half. We couldn't have done it without you ALL.

Today is a day to give credit to God, My Lord, Savior, and creator for getting Jessie, our family, friends, and community through a very tough time. There were many time, that without Him, I would have never made this journey.

May God Bless You All .