Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bike Alterations for a Hemi Kid

Some of you have asked about Jessie's bike, and what alterations that we made to it. So I've included below a little bit about her bike and how we changed it.

Bike : Electra Townie - 20 inch. It's pedals are move slightly forward. They call this a flat-foot design, and allows the child to be fairly flat-footed and still sit on the seat.

Toe Clip on left side - This helps to hold the affected foot on the pedal, and they can still get out of it if needed. These can be purchased at any bike shop, but will need a special pedal for mounting. (also sold at bike shop)

Velcro on handlebar on affected side. The rough side of the velcro.

The softs side of the velcro should be sewed on to a riding glove.

Just a regular riding glove. Or, I guess that you could use any glove. Some people do not agree with afixing a childs hand to the bike, but what we found, is that Jessie canot control the bike if one hand comes off. Her foot can fall off and she can maintain stability, but once the hand come off, there will be a wreck. Hopefully, she will overcome that eventually and we will not have to use these type of alterations.

Here is a picture. She can actually rip the glove off the handlebar if she tries really hard.

We also use a push-bar in the back, and run behind her on all rides. We'll do this, until she has much more control. I don't know how long that will be. But you can bet, I'll let you know.
Have a blessed weekend.
Hope in One Hemisphere!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jessie is Riding a Bike

Jessie participated in a special Bike Camp last week through Kinetic Kids in San Antonio, Texas. The program is called "Lose the Training Wheels". It is held in many cities all over the USA to help children with special needs learn how to ride a bike without training wheels. It is a wonderful program.

It lasted all week long, and each day, the kids are on a bike for approximately 1 hour. We are hoping to see more than just bike benefits. We are hoping that this translates to a better gait, better balance, coordination, and more. The bike riding is icing on the cake. Quite frankly, we weren't even sure that she could do it. But she did!!! Hooray Jessie!!!

This is Jessie on the first type of Bike. It is a bike with a "roller-pin" type back wheel and it is very stable. She really can't even fall over, it is so stable. Then, as the week progressed, she was able to move to a less stable back roller (from a level 1 to 8).

Then finally, she was able to go to a bicycle with a regular back wheel and NO Training Wheels!!

Check this out!!!

We've been riding every day since we've been home, and she is getting better and better. She still can't start and stop by herself, but we think that this is just a matter of time. Plus we are getting her a new bike that she can start from a sitting position with both feet on the ground. It is called an Electra Townie. She be in this week.

Also, we have to use Velcro to help keep her left foot and hand on the pedal and handle bar.

I don't post a lot these days, and I am sorry for that. Please understand, that the less I post, the better things are for her. Thanks to all of you that continue to follow Jessie's journey.