Thursday, March 13, 2008

Aledo's First One-Handed T-Ball Player


In 1945, Pete Gray (1915-2002) of Nanticoke, PA, became Major League Baseball’s first and only one-armed baseball player. Gray played one season with the St. Louis Browns of the American League.

Well, Jessie might not make it to the pros, but yesterday, we quit trying to make her keep a glove on her left hand. She simply couldn't do it anymore. Her left hand and arm is mostly a "helper" limb anymore. She has a tough time grabbing things and releasing things, and has lost all fine motor skills in that hand. It trembles constantly with Epilepsia Partialis Continua or EPC. (Basically a continuous epileptic seizure).

So, Kristi bought her a right handed glove. (not too easy to find in her size and the appropriate color - pink). Kristi then taught her to catch with it. To throw, Kristi taught Jessie to wedge the glove under her left arm, and grab the ball with her right hand, pull it out of the glove and throw it. She does amazingly well. Way to go Jessie !! Way to go Mom !!

I'm so proud of her.

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gram and papa said...

Jessie, I can close my eyes and see you playing ball with your new pink and black mitt! Papa and I love you very much!!