Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frustrated? Us Too!


We know it's frustrating waiting on Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) getting their schedule together. We get frustrated too. We really do believe this is the best place to go for Jessie. Maybe this will help:

* Perhaps with a surgery of this magnitude, it's a good thing to slow down and not rush into anything.
* Because Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) is so team oriented and they want to do things right - it does take longer to coordinate everything from preliminary baseline testing to surgery to recovery to rehab to housing at Childrens' House, etc. This team approach and their ability to coordinate was one of the reasons we are choosing to go with JHH.
* Dr. Vining at JHH is one of the leading experts in this disease and her assistant, Diana - I can't help but think that they know what's going on - they have seen over 100 cases. Our neuros at Cooks have only seen a few cases.
* Surgeons at JHH have done over 145 hemis - we can't get any info from the surgeons at Cooks.

* We have read that waiting some will allow her left hemisphere to start 'rewiring' now and that her recovery might actually be better because of it.

"God's job is to fight. Our job is to trust. Just trust. Not direct. Or question. Or yank the steering wheel out of his hands. It is our job to pray and wait. Nothing more is necessary. Nothing more is needed." - Max Lucado

"You need to remain calm; the Lord will fight for you" (Ex.14:14)

Kristi and Cris

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