Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Doctors - Jessie's Episode on Thursday Sept. 11th

Oh, I almost forgot...Jessie's appearance on The Doctors will be on Thursday Sept. 11th.

You know, I just realized that it is going to be on September 11th...what an awful day. We will all have plenty to pray for that day.

So, Jessie has about a 20 minute spot on The Doctors. I haven't seen the final results, however, during taping, it seemed that they were doing an incredible job on education and awareness...Of Course on TV, you never know what the final product will look like. The Hemispherectomy Foundation should get a good plug as well.

Jessie was pretty quiet during taping. I think that the studio audience freaked her out a little. Heck, it freaked me out a little too.

The show premiers tomorrow (9/8/2008), but Jessie's episode is on the 11th and will be seen all over the US and world.

Here are a couple of the times that I found for our local stations. It will be shown in ALL cities across the US
Dallas / Fort Worth - The Doctors will air on KTXA - 21 at 5:00PM CST.
Baltimore - The Doctors will air on WMAR ABC2 - at 4:00PM EST.

Let us know what you think about it when you see it if you have a minute to post a comment. We struggled with whether this was the right way to go with this, and prayed often. Our final decision took place way back in June (The day after Jessie's surgery) after talking with our family and was based on the goal of making the public aware of Rasmussen's Encephalitis, hemispherectomy surgery, and The Hemispherectomy Foundation.

Good Night and God Bless,



Jo Ann said...

I can scheduling my DVR to tape the show that I can watch it when I get off work. I cannot wait to see it!! Love always from Maryland.

Jo Ann
Edgewood, MD

Anonymous said...

I just saw the promo for Jessie's story. Wow!!!

The Meiers said...

Thank you for letting us know about the show. You guys did a great job! Way to go!! I taped it and plan on sharing it with friends and family. Thanks again! Keep up the good work, Jessie! Your videos look wonderful. I can tell you are working hard. Keep video taping; we taped Zachary's progress and it's amazing to go back and watch each milestone. Love and prayers, Mary Lou, Jason, Zachary and Lexi Meier

Vicky Luttrell-Baltimore said...

Dear Hall Family,
I just watched the episode of the Doctors. Jessie looks great, so do Mom & Dad. Thanks for letting us know when the show would air. Jessie is an amazing little girl. God Bless all of you!

Sharon C. said...

Hi Jessie!

You and your parents did a great job!
You looked beautiful!
Keep up the good are an amazing girl!

Sharon C. in Dallas

Anonymous said...

Kristi, Cris and Jessie, we are so very proud of you in taking this story to the American public. Since we were part of the very beginning of the discussions about doing this story, we have to tell you that we felt it was very well done. We hope that hemifoundation continues to grow and prosper. The segment on this foundation hopefully will bear fruit. We've had several calls on how nice the program was. Congratulations on a job well done!

Chrissy S. said...

I thought your segment on Doctors was done very well. I set it up to tape on our DVR and my husband and I watched it together once we got home from picking up our daughter from day care. My husband was so amazed by Jessie's progress and was really touched by the entire story. I still wear my Pray for Jessie band and check her site often. I am so proud of her and look forward to keeping up with her progress. Thank you all for sharing your story with us!

Pasadena, MD

RN2B said...

Great show! Good job Jessie and family!


Holly said...

i missed it because i was in school but i had my hubby and MIL watch and tell me about it