Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is that Captain Jack?!? with Jessie?!?

What's a Pirate's favorite letter? "Arrrrrr!" OK, he had probably heard that joke a few (THOUSAND) times before, but Jessie felt like he needed to hear it one more time.

Friday was a good night, and things seemed kinda normal as we headed out for a family night of "Friday Night Lights" at the Aledo vs Weatherford football game. I'm not going to report the score, but let's just say that Aledo "plundered" and "pillaged" the Kangaroos.

It was a good weekend. It felt like the first fairly normal weekend. Matt had a sleep over, and Jessie played at a friends house. Jake and Josh acted like Thing 1 and Thing 2 and generally got into mischief like a couple of playful squirrels. Got into trouble too. They also pitched their first baseball game and did a fine job I might add.


I'm noticing that I have been posting less and less. I guess that means that maybe things are getting back to normal a bit. I'm sure that people are reading less and less too. That is a good thing. Quite frankly, our life was pretty boring up until last year.

Church was nice this morning. Our new full-time pastor at New River Fellowship seems to really have a fire lit under his pants. He is excited and it shows when he is speaking. The congregation has almost doubled since we started going to NRF; way back before Easter. There is not enough seats for everyone, so they've had to start a Saturday Night service. Kids church, where our kids go, has gone from 40 to almost 80 kids. Wow!! There are some wonderful people like Megan Lacefield and Jarrod Smith and Voluteers like Clint and Kim Brewer and many others that really keep things moving with the kids. I wish that I had 1/2 their energy.

Today's sermon really made me think about the past few months. It was all about who's plan you should follow. Many of you know what I mean. I was following this plan that I had. I'm a good planner; I have been all my life. I plan for retirement. I plan for the kids college. I plan for vacations a year in advance. I plan for things that might not even happen. I like having a plan.

I don't remember the exact point in which it happened, the point at which I gave up my plan. It was probably over several weeks, but I do remember at some point, I said to God (and I don't mean figuratively said, I MEAN literally spoke out loud). I said, "I can't do this any more God. I need You to take over or I'm not going to make it!" and He did.

Now I find myself talking to God less (much like I find myself posting less to this blog) and feeling more comfortable about life, and quite frankly it scares me. I don't want to let go of what I've found and get caught up in trying to follow MY plan again...cause my plan doesn't really matter in the Big Picture!!

And you know what? I don't think that I will. I just think that God has taken me off his ship and is letting me walk again on my own. Testing the ol' "sea legs", and it scares me to death. It's kind of like being a toddler again, not unlike Jessie. I guess that we're all learning how to walk again and find the right path to take.

I'm pretty sure that I know the path that He wants me to take, and I'm pretty sure that many of you do too.




Mary Poppins said...

I have complete trust and faith in you that your sea legs are pretty darn strong and ready for the long road ahead. The last year you've been strenthening them, and you didn't even know it! I'm quite sure you're ready to run a marathon!
You have so many friends with you now in your life, who weren't here a year ago. Friends He has brought to you, who will walk and run beside you all the way.
You're so much stronger than you realize!
We love you - and your family!
John and Caren and Thing 3 & Thing 4

Anonymous said...

OK, tell us more about the pictures! Mary Poppins is right, you know!!!

Laura Rasnick said...


It was so good to see ya'll on Friday night! Caren is so right, you know. You and Kristi have showed some pretty amazing strength in the past year. It has been such a pleasure getting to know your family. Katelynn was also excited to see Jessie, she spotted her in the parking lot! I'm so glad to hear that things are getting back to "normal" for all of you! So don't worry about your "sea legs", your gonna do just fine!

Laura Rasnick :)

Anonymous said...

I read your blog and you know what??I felt the same way too after Madeleine started to heal from her surgery and things were getting back to normal after a year of riding a roller coaster.Although, I thank him everyday for his blessings. Keep us posted on Jessie she so strong and beautiful. God Bless, Wendy

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that you recognize that you have strayed a little bit away from God is a good sign- you are aware of it and this will help you to remember that it is He who got you through all you have been through the past year, and it is He who will always be there for you in your times of need. God brought Jessie and your family so far, and he won't let you slip away now. No one can blame you for wanting a little bit of "normal" right now, you deserve it! You will be able to face the future, no matter what it brings, because God is with you 24/7, and he knows what you will need to persevere, even before you do. You have proven to be a Godly, strong, courageous person even during the worst of times for your family, with the help of your many friends and thousands of strangers who pray for you daily. Hang in there! My favorite saying is "If God brought you to it, he will bring you through it". God Bless you and your family.
P.S. Is that really Johnny Depp with Jesse??

Kelly said...

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you realize that something big is behind you? Yes, kids like Jessie and mine still have to work hard everyday, but the event itself is over. Normalcy begins to redefine itself. I don't think we're supposed to let go of our planning, but rather when something goes horribly wrong, we are reminded of His plan. When things begin to right themselves we begin to exert our free will again, but this time, more with Him in mind.

Thinking of you guys, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Sometimes 'normal' may seem a little boring after the ups and downs you have been through. Never forget Jeremiah 29:11 that God knows the plans He has for you, [lans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future. Just keep following, even if you are just taking a deep breath and bind 'normal'.
We will continue to check your blog every couple of days. Still like to hear even the normal things about Jessie girl and her family.
God bless all of you.

The Arizona Jones'

LeeAnn said...

Where do pirates love to eat? Arrrrby's!
LeeAnn Horn
Richardson, Tx

Anonymous said...

Cris and Kristi,
I can not begin to tell you guys how much you mean to us! The strength and courage you guys have shared over the past year is one that has touch me more than you will ever know. It has taught us so much! I believe that God has a plan and you listened, he guided you along, gave you the tools you needed, helped you up when you didn't think you could stand. Now, you have your "sea legs" and he is watching you grow. Watching as you take what he has presented to you and starting the AMAZING Foundation! What a testament of faith! You guys are the BEST! We love you and miss you!

Jane, Samie & Nickie

Anonymous said...

Hey Cris,

Please don't give up on writing the blog. Many of us check your blog every day for some little tidbit. Any thought is welcome!! We all look forward to your writings. Many thanks for all you have shared with us to this point. We love you all. Keep 'em coming.

Holly said...

thats one of my problems i feel like i need to plan or have some control of everything iand i am finding out that cant always is a hard realization