Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to Johns Hopkins !!!


Well, we're going back to Johns Hopkins, but this time...it's a time for celebration !!!! Jessie had hemispherectomy brain surgery over 7 months ago, and has been seizure free ever since. She's had a long hard battle, but never given up and is doing AMAZING things for a little girl that couldn't even hold her head up 7 months ago.

So our Hopkins / KKI visit is for nothing more than check-ups. (and a brief walk on the split-belt treadmill ) We're going to see some old friends and celebrate our trip!

For those of you that haven't been out to the Hemispherectomy Foundation website in a while, please take a look, and tell everyone you know it make a donation to help these kids and their families out. http://www.hemifoundaition.org/ . Send a kid to camp, or add to the research or scholarship fund. Donate some toys or stamps...anyway that you can help.

I thought that I would post a few pictures from 7 months ago, just as a reminder to all that love her to show how far she has come.

God Bless! Cris


Anonymous said...

She is such a trooper!!! You go Jessie girl:) Y'all have fun on your trip!!
Ft. Worth

Kelly said...

Isn't it always amazing to look back at how far they come. We face different physical issues now, but it is still better than those last few weeks of Rasmussens and the first few weeks of our new life.

Catherine and Meredith said...

I feel so weird doing this all over again. When I use to go to your blog several times a day to check in and read updates - when I was living for any word. WOW. It feels like years has gone by.
Jessie is so amazing and has come a long way very quickly, I think. Because her 2 parents are such great coaches - always making any opportunity a therapeutic one.
So you're back at the Childrens House - how strange, huh? I bet you also feel like it has been a very long time since you were last there. Really, Jessie has come amazingly far. I can't wait to hear the medical staff say the same thing.

Tara Vaught said...

Hey Jessie and family! I'm so glad to hear that you are doing so well. I too think it's a strange feeling to look back on such a nightmare and see that everything is ok now after such a battle. My husband's surgery has only been 3 months but it seems like years ago. I guess your mind has a way of doing that to protect itself from the traumatic events which occur in our lives. Jessie, keep growing and getting smarter and always make time for play (which I'm SURE you do)!!! God bless you and your amazing family for supporting eachother through your battle. I'll keep in touch to see how you're doing! Thanks for everything!