Friday, January 2, 2009

A few Christmas Pictures

We had a wonderful Christmas with my parents, and all of Kristi's familiy in for the joyous celebration of the Birth of our Savior.

We felt so blessed and so caught up in the moment that, quite frankly, we didn't take a lot of pictures...we just forgot. The video camera didn't even come out of its case. Here are few shots.


grooms family said...

wow - glad you all had a great xmas--- love all the photos !!! she did sooo good skating- what an inspiration to all -- take care and GOD bless - grooms family

Hollis T said...

Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy New Year! Jessie looks wonderful, and her hair is coming in really well! We're trying to manage through the grow-in phase, fighting some tough cowlicks. Hollis's hair is pretty much even on both sides now though: our surgeon only shaves the side of the head he's working on. ; )

Kelly said...

Is that a Red Rider BB Gun? Don't shoot your eye out!

Looks like a great Christmas - I love having family around.

Days like These! said...

happy new year!!

Anonymous said...

Jessie's hair is growing over the scar..... it makes me remember the releif I felt when Madeleine's hair started growing over the scar..and we were able to have a life without seizures.It's a undescribable feeling of happiness.Jessie is beautiful!
It's funny the comment about the cowlicks,, I'm having the same problem :) GOD BLESS!! (My Sweet Blessing Blog)