Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jessie and Her Multiplication Facts

In Aledo, 2nd Graders have to learn their Multiplication Facts up to 5's at the end of the year. Well, Jessie was in the hospital during most of this time, so she has been working hard to get the facts straight.

This is a video of Jessie doing her multiplication facts. My beautiful daughter will finish 2nd Grade this year, has one-half of a brain (literally and anatomically), has been in the hospital over 200 days in the past 4 years, 5 brain surgeries, and missed 3 of the 5 weeks while her classmates learned their multiplication facts. Am I a proud Daddy? You bet I am!!

Also, I have to point out that 4 weeks ago she was having 60+ seizures a day, and slept most of the school day away in the nurse's office. It is absolutely amazing what half a brain can do when the seizures are eliminated on the bad side.

Here is the video, and sorry again about bragging.

See everyone in California in July. Horray only one month away!



PIM said...

BRAG AWAY!! This is incredibly awesome and you have every right to be proud.

GaTechGal said...

Jessie rocks. I see a budding engineer there. I know Texas Tech would be her first choice, but she might want to consider being a Yellow Jacket. I've got one going there in the fall who wants to grow up and make prostetics.

GaTechGal said...

Oh and I forgot, hug Mickey Mouse for me when you see him in July. :-)