Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eight Months Seizure Free and Christmas in Wyoming

The less that I blog, the more that I know that our life is settled into a "new normal". It is not a normal like most of you know, but it is nevertheless a normal that is pleasant, purposeful, and possibly even filled with hope for the future.

Jessie has been seizure free for 8 months now, and with each passing day, comes freedom to move our life forward. This Christmas, we traveled to Wyoming for an amazing week with Kristi's parents. We've been trying to make this trip for three years, but each time, Jessie was in the hospital or not capable of traveling.

But this year, we made it! Horray!!

On the way up, we were able to attend the 2011 Hemi Jam, Concert, benefitting the Hemispherectomy Foundation . Dan and Saasha Huston did an outstading job on this benefit, bringing in amazing talent and lots of funds to help children impacted by hemispherectomy brain surgery. It was a fun time for all. Gibson Huston was the star of the show with his Elvis act.

Once we made it to Wyoming we were finally able to see The Hemi Lighted Forest of Hope! . Wow! This was an amazing display of lights, honoring each and every child who has endured Hemispehrectomy. Each brightly lit tree represented a Hemi Child. There was even one for Jessie. If you haven't adopted a tree/child, there is still time to do so at .

Gary and Nancy Kelley (Kristi's parents), did an amazing job with the lights, trains, and hospitality. Gary put up over 90,000 lights, built an indoor train display, and gave hayrides each night since October. Nancy served hot chocolate, and entertained the thousands who came to see the lights and display. A big thanks to Gary and Nancy for all of their hard work.

So, I must say that it was a special trip. Jessie is seizure free, and we finally got to see the Hemi Lighted Forest of Hope! It is all about HOPE!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All !

Cris and Kristi Hall

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Gokd said...

I hope jessie is o.k. now..when traveling the u.s. i saw men with nothing struggling to follow where their children were taken as foster children. Some to WY and other places, then young ones with their own would learn about where their parent may be and ut their life on hold and try to go to that place to connect but were tgen incarcerated, i had desired to start an annual convention so fosters could meet up regularly well into the next century.