Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An AMAZING Creative Memory of Jessie's Make-A-Wish Trip

We got an email from Debbie Fitzpatrick about a week or so before we left for Baltimore. We had never met her, nor had we ever even heard of her. She told us that she wanted to make a scrap book of Jessie's Make-A-Wish trip for us.

To be honest, getting pictures together for her was the last thing that we wanted to do. Jessie's surgery was coming quickly and we had so much to plan. Well, Kristi decided that we would never get around to documenting the trip, so we quickly put pictures together and sent them to Debbie. The next four months was a whirlwind. We forgot about Mrs. Fitzpatrick and the pictures.

So a few days ago, we get a call from Debbie and she says that she has the scrapbook ready for us and would like to come by and give it to us. Wow!!! We had totally forgotten.

So Debbie and her husband came by on Sunday to deliver the scrapbook. Well, scrapbook doesn't really do it justice. These were works of ART !!!

Debbie created an amazing 2-volume set of wonderfully crafted pages documenting Jessie's Make-A-Wish trip like I have never seen. OK, I'm just a dumb guy, but these books were INCREDIBLE. We were such bad hosts, because we couldn't keep from looking at them while they were in our house.

I don't know much about Scrap booking, but I have watched Kristi and I have done a page or two myself. Please don't spread that around to my guy friends. I know how much work these pages took, not to mention the cost of Creative Memories gear. There were two full volume scrap books.

Each page was custom made to match the pictures. Debbie would take a theme from one picture and customize the who page around that theme, using intricate cut-outs and backgrounds, to three-dimensional widgets to complement the entire presentation.

Oh my, I'm starting to sound like a girl....need to go belch loudly or kill some game.

Enough said, the books are amazing, and if you are ever over at the house, please ask to see them. We are so proud of them and thankful for what Debbie did for us. Her time, expense, and compassion cannot be compensated.

Debbie, If you are reading this, Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

Here is a picture of Debbie and her family.

Thanks again Debbie.
Cris and Kristi Hall


Anonymous said...

Cris! I'm so impressed with your wording!! You DO get it!! And to think that you've even done a page or two yourself - well, MY GOODNESS!! I am so proud of you! You're so well rounded! hee hee
I'm calling Erin Cooper!

Anonymous said...

Scrapbooking is very theraputic... I love it! I know you cherish those books and Jessie will have them to remember her make-a-wish trip for the rest of her life! How is her friend Macey? I can see from your recent pictures that Jessie is doing awesome! I'm so proud of her for her accomplishments over the past year. I remember being six, but I don't remember being that brave. Tell her I said hi <3 And give her a big hug for me. Maybe one day she'll understand that the strength I pulled from her helped me through the most difficult time of my life. Maybe she already does understand... either way, you and Jessie really mean a lot to me even though we've never met. Thank you for everything! I will continue to pray for you guys and think pink thoughts for Jessie <3