Monday, October 27, 2008

For the Glory of God!

Time has a way of pushing things to the back of your mind. Memories become foggier, and are replaced with more recent happenings. It's nice to lose the bad memories, but there are others that we try desperately to hold onto forever. I really have no desire, whatsoever, to remember how I felt when Jessie gave me a high-five before she walked down the hall with Kristi and jumped up on the operating table with a smile on her face...but that memory won't seem to go away. It never will.

On the other hand, the memory of the amazing things that God did with communities and people all over the world, is beginning to fade. That doesn't seem quite fair. Yet, maybe there is a reason for this. A constant reminder to consciously remember these wonderful things. The amazing things that God did with communities and people is a memory that I refuse to let go with time. I don't ever want to forget the Amazing things that were done by Him and for Him in Jessie's amazing story. So, I thought that I would spend some time today, reminding myself of how things were and how things should be.

Our struggles over the past year and a half have brought back a relationship with Jesus that I desperately needed, and you can read that journey if you happen to have a couple of hours to start at the bottom of this blog. I have been very honest about that. My eyes were opened when I saw the amazing power that He has over communities, people, and all things in the world. There is NO other explaination. Kristi and I used to sit back and marvel at what was going on as people from all over the world came to support Jessie and our family. "Coincidences" happened on a daily basis that could not possibly have been coincidences....there were too many. They were driven by a higher power. No one will ever be able to convince me otherwise.

When we started The Hemispherectomy Foundation, people from all over the US and world were delivered to us as we needed them, so that this foundation would work and prosper. It's as if the right people came at the right time for the right purpose.

These are memories that I don't ever want to see lost, because these are the exact ones that rejuvenate my faith on a daily basis. They remind me that I have nothing and that all things that I do, should be done for the glory of God and that when I start doing them for myself or other reasons, I am missing out.

I want to do ALL things for the glory of God. Period. However, I will be the first to admit that I fail miserably at that goal on a daily basis. It seems that as the week goes on, I focus more on me and less on Him. Maybe that is why I'm writing this a reminder to myself.

The bottom line, is that I see a lot of really good memories fading, and that is OK, but I cannot forget Who was behind all the great things that have happened in the last year and a half. It was too BIG. It was the BIGGEST thing that I have seen happen in my life and I don't ever want to forget that.

Have a blessed day!



joe alward said...

We serve an awesome God

Anonymous said...

we all need to be reminded of how we meet Jesus face to face on occation. you sharing, makes us all humble. We KNOW the miracles we have seen in Jessie and how many lives she has touched...this is all because that is what God wanted to make of this bad and turn it for the good of Him. He had to take you and Kristi on a journey that you are still on but it was because of your reaction to His work that we all feel the way we feel towards Jessie, you and and your sweet family. your obedience, humbleness, willing to share, and willing to let your girl touch SO many lives. so many hearts have been touched by his love b/c of all of you. You are awesome!!!!
luv&hugs, Jada

Anonymous said...

forgot one thing....

Anonymous said...

I am so amazed by Jessie's recovery so far. It seems goose bumps down my spine to see the miracles. I also am following the story of little three year old Caden Ledbetter from the Dallas area. He has neuroblastoma??, had a stem cell transplant, was in recovery and more cancer was found after a very short time. Now it is in his bones, I believe, and abdomen. His parents are needing some more, I thought your great site could help. They are very dedicated to Caden and God's will for his life. This is a set back they were not expecting. Please pray and visit his webpage on careing bridge.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hall Family,

Cris what you just said, typed says it all, He is the almighty! We all forget in our everyday life what God does on a daily basis. We put sooooo many THINGS before Him and forget everything He does for us. You are right we all just need to evaluate daily and remember. Thank you guys for letting us travel with you.
Peace be with you,
Kristi H.

Biatriz said...

I got the chills reading this. God has certainly been busy in taking care of the Hall Family!

She Wolf said...

Though I have not posted a comment in a long time, I check the blog about once every week or every other week, and I like what I am reading. Regarding this particular post, I have only one word. That word is, "AMEN!"

Vanessa and Seeing Eye Dog Griffin