Friday, October 17, 2008

Sibling Abuse or Therapy...You decide.

For some reason, Jessie really got a kick out of doing this, and she used her left arm more than we've ever seen her use it since surgery!! Who would have guessed this would motivate her to use the arm that she normally just wishes didn't exist. I hope Matt's butt can stand up to the therapy, cause we might have to do more of this!!

This cracks me up every time I watch it !

Oh, and I also forgot to report something else. Today, Jessie took off both shoes, both socks, and her AFO (brace) all by herself !!!

Go Jessie, Go!!

Blessings to All, Cris



OneofSix said...

Okay, I'm sure I'll be the only one on here who says this, but this made me cry! I CANNOT believe she could do that with her arm!! OH MY GOODNESS - me oh my!
Her therapists are really going to LOVE seeing her do this because that was some kind of power she was packing there. GOOD GREIF!
It makes me cry as I think about how far she has come and also because her sweet brother is letting her do that to him knowing that it really does help her. True brotherly love.
My first thought was, "Okay, she can have my butt, and John's butt and both girls butts and we'll all line up so she can keep on practicing." - and then I watched that clip a few more times and now I'll decline. That little girl packs a punch - dang, Jessie!
Jessie - you are my super hero - I love you!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Hall Family! Love the video (poor Matt) but I am sure he does not mimd a bit as it helps Jessie! Just too funny. Read a story this past week about a young girl with Down's syndrome chosen as the Aledo High School homecoming queen. Kept thinking, "Aledo, Aledo" - where do I know that name? It then hit me! What a wonderful town Aledo must be - with all the support for Jessie and now hearing about the homecoming queen and how much the students think of her simply because of her upbeat attitude and her kindness - disability overlooked completely! I think it's great. Take care; Jessie, you are doing so wonderful - keep at it chica!

Anonymous said...

wowwwooowww- way to go jessie !! Always making improvements !! Way to go girllllll!!!! Lots of love- keep up the great hard work Jess-- the Grooms family

LeeAnn said...

That's a riot! I love it. Great job, Jessie. Keep on using that left arm. Matt, you are a wonderful big brother, and you may want to remind Jessie that she has two other brothers to hit on! :o) Thank you for making my day.
LeeAnn Horn
Richardson, TX

Kelly said...

I TOLD you siblings were helpful for therapy. We used to throw Cheesie in there to race Blondie. It would infuriate her if her little sister could beat her. The camera also is something she performs better for, so now i have to take it most of the time.

GO Jessie! What a great brother.

Anonymous said...

No Caren, you're not the only one!! I was tearing up as well, it's just amazing how far Jessie has come! Poor Matt, though, he's such a great big brother! I just LOVE watching the videos and seeing how much progress she has made. I'm with LeeAnn though, Jessie you have two other brothers so maybe spread it around!! Hope you don't mind Josh and Jake but Matt's butt's gonna be worn out. She does pack quite a punch! Maybe someone needs a punching bag from Santa!! Lots of love Jessie keep up the good work!!!

Laura Rasnick

Anonymous said...

I recently became a Wish Granter for Make-A-Wish.. and stumbled across your blog, when googling "wishes". Your little girl is so precious. How lucky of her to have such terrific-sounding parents! Good luck to Jessie and your family!