Friday, October 3, 2008

Prayer Request

I haven't asked for prayers in a while, but I would very much appreciate your prayers for two people; one whom I've never met, and the other I only have known for a short while.

Jessie's good friend from Johns Hopkins, Macey, is back in the hospital and her lower digestive system is not working again. Please pray for sweet Macey, and her little sister Lilly and her parents Mickey and Tim. They are wonderful people and need some peace in their life. Macey is about to spend her 3rd consecutive birthday in the hospital and that just stinks!! They thought that she would finally have a birthday at home, but it doesn't look like that will happen. Macey is a very sweet, well mannered, and soft spoken little girl and her Mom and Dad are police officers in Baltimore. Please say a prayer for this family.

Rose Linder is someone whom I have never met, but her sister Jane became one of my best friends in less than a month. She is a compassionate, caring, and all-around good person. Her daughters, Samie and Nickie are so sweet as well, and I feel for them too, with their aunt in the hospital. Jane is The Hemispherectomy Foundation Northeast Regional Director. Rose is having severe liver problems (she doesn't drink) and is in critical condition. Please say a prayer for Rose, Jane, Samie, Nickie and the whole family.

May God Bless You for Your Prayers.



LeeAnn said...

Prayers are being sent up for these two special people.
Richardson, TX

Tara Vaught said...

I'll pray <3 Jason is doing very well since his surgery. I've been updating everyday! I hope Jessie is continuing to do well. I'm still thinking about you all. I appreciate all you did to help me throughout this difficult time.

Joan said...

I was thinking about your family last night. I'm from Baltimore, and followed Jessie's story on your blog and through the news all summer. I still check in weekly to see how she is doing. I love seeing her improvements, it is truly amazing what the body is capable of.

I have been watching Grey's Anatomy on DVD; I never watched the show before and am starting at the beginning. I was so surprised last night that one of the cases was a 3 year old girl who needed a hemispherectomy. This is probably old news to you, I am five years behind on this show! But it just amazed me that had I seen this episode a few months ago it would have meant nothing, and now I could understand the procedure (the "empty" side filling with spinal fluid) and also I found myself very critical of their portrayal (immediate surgery, she was moving both arms after.)
Anyway, I was very excited to see it. It was the 6th or 7th episode in the first season.

I hope everyone is well. Your family is in my prayers.

Kristin said...

Macey and Jane are definitely in my prayers. I hope that they can feel the warmth of the Lord's arms wrapped around them as this amazing community of believer's lift's their families up in prayer. We have seen some pretty amazing things through this outreach...I can't wait to experience God's almighty strength again.

Grapevine, TX