Thursday, May 15, 2008

20 Ways to Kill Time in the EMU


Today was Jessie's second day in the EMU. For those of you that haven't had the opportunity, EMU stays can be a little monotonous. Cris is taking the night off, so I thought I would post a rare blog and list 20 Ways to Kill Time in the EMU.

1. Eat
2. Take your meds
3. Brush your teeth

4. Nurse shift change, take vitals
5. Watch Strawberry Shortcake (twice)
6. 2 minute invasion of doctors on rounds
7. Color
8. Watch a Barbie Movie (only once today!)
9. Walk around the room - distance limited by length of the "leash" or EEG wire.
10. Watch The Wiggles (3 times today . . .)
11. EEG Tech (Victor today) reattaches wires
12. Play DS
13. Call classmates,brothers, grandparents, aunt and cousin on video phone (that was fun!)
14. Snooze
15. Play with flashlight
16. Watch Hannah Montana (and dance and sing!)
17. 50 trips to the bathroom
18. Eat peanut M&Ms
19. Take pictures
20. Have a good visit with Dr. Vining and Diane Pillas - we may get to be discharged tomorrow!

It's been a long day. We are tuckered out. Jessie went to sleep as soon as she took her evening meds. A girl can only watch so many Wiggles, Barbie,Hannah Montana, and Strawberry Shortcake movies in 1 day! I think I'll join her soon. We are very fortunate to be here only a few days. We met a family that had been here 10 days. I don't know how they did it!

Good Night!

Kristi and Jessie


Sharon said...


You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the best for you. Continue to be strong and brave. Ya'll are such an inspiration!

Texas hugs!
Sharon Howard

Anonymous said...

I loved your entry, Kristi! I wasn't able to go to bed last night until I had read how y'all were doing! So glad that your time there is uneventful! It warmed my heart to read what Jessie has been doing to keep her mind occupied. Thanks for sharing! Caren, Catherine and Meredith..John too!