Saturday, May 17, 2008

Midwest Airlines : Thank You

Another big Thank You goes out to Midwest Airlines. For those of you that do not know, Midwest flew us round-trip to Baltimore this week, and they are flying us up for Jessie's surgery and back home after rehab.

B. J. Driefke is the Public Relations Assistant at Midwest, and she is such a sweet person. She made all the arrangements. She is also an avid reader of Jessie's Blog, and knows everything that is going on with Jessie. Thanks BJ!!

A final note about Midwest...If you ever get a chance to fly Midwest, Do It!! This is an incredible airline. It is old-style remember the way airlines used to be. Nice roomy seats, basically every seat is first class, and the staff is so friendly. And the really cool thing is when they bring out the warm, gooey, chocolate-chip cookies. Jessie was in heaven.

After every flight, we thanked the flight attendants, and explained what Midwest had done for us. One of them actually started to cry, because she was so touched.

Thanks Again Midwest!

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