Monday, May 19, 2008

Watch Channel 11 at 10:00 Tonight for Jessie's Baltimore Story

Be sure to watch Channel 11 (CBS) tonight at 10:00PM to catch the story of Jessie from Baltimore and Johns Hopkins Hospital. It will also be on the 11:00PM (10:00 central) news on WJZ - Baltimore. In addition, both CBS affiliate stations will post additional footage and information on their websites. - Dallas - Baltimore

I'm not sure which footage will make the news, but they interviewed Dr. Carson, Jessie's brain surgeon, as well as Jodie (Hemispherectomy when she was 3 and she is 18 now), Jessie and Jodie playing together, Jodie's mom and dad, and Kristi and I.

It should be an outstanding news story!!


Anonymous said...

I was told WJZ will run the story again on Tuesday in the 6pm newscast, and you may see her brothers in the 6pm story.
Also, extra video from the interviews and from home is on

Good luck, Jessie!

Anonymous said...

You are in good hands, Jessie, as your surgeon is a wonderful loving man, and the best of doctor's. We are proud of him here in Baltimore, and I am proud of you, for being so brave!
Good luck, sweetie!