Friday, May 23, 2008

New River Fellowship Sunday (May 25th) Service and Prayer Vigil

As many of you know, Kristi, myself, and the kids, recently made a commitment to God and our new church, New River Fellowship (NRF) ( ) in the Aledo area near Hudson Oaks. We are blessed to find a church home where we fit-in and where both us and the kids enjoy going to worship. We are looking forward to becoming more and more involved as we grow with our new relationships. Plus the music rocks!!!

We have heard many times how strong we are and how well we are handling all of this with Jessie, but I want everyone to know that we would not have been able to navigate this journey without the love of God and the love of our family and friends. We’re not driving anymore…the steering wheel has been turned over to a higher power.

On this Sunday, May 25th, the pastors at NRF, are planning to introduce us to the congregation and to pray together for Jessie and our family. We will be at both services this Sunday (9:30AM, 11:00AM) Yes, we will actually make the early service on Sunday…no smart remarks!) We are honored that they are doing this and we are honored by all of the people all over the world that are praying for Jessie and our family.

The Children’s Pastor, Megan Lacefield, and many others in the church have made us feel so welcome and a part of the community. There will be a sign-up sheet in the atrium at Sunday’s service for shifts on a week-long prayer vigil that is being organized for Jessie, Our Family, and the doctors. Starting on June 8th through June 14th, the congregation will be praying 24 x 7 that Jessie will come through surgery with flying colors. How cool is that? These are the kinds of things that make us feel proud to be part of NRF. In addition, they will be handing our prayer cards and even pink bracelets to remind us all to pray for Jessie.

If anyone would like to come visit this Sunday, you are most welcome. We look forward to seeing you there.

If anyone has any questions, please email Megan at


The Lacefield Family said...

Yea me! So new to this whole blog thing so I added a blog about the prayer vigil on my blogspot. Check it out!

Melissa Robinson said...

What a small world Kristi! I graduated from Aledo with Chad Lacefield and Desiree Lacefield. I remember meeting Megan when she was still a Salter (I believe). It's fun to hear you talk about Aledo since it is my Alma Mater (Kindergarten thru Graduation.)
Melissa Robinson