Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mayor Kit Marshall Declares May 9th as Jessie's Day!!

Jessie's Send-Off was something that was beyond words and beyond anything that you would ever believe....unless you saw it. I still search for the words to describe what happened, and until I can, we'll just have to share pictures. I saw a wonderful, healthy, vibrant community come together to let Jessie know that she was special, and that they all loved her. Every time that I think about it, I get teary-eyed. Every time that I talk about it with others, we all get choked-up. It was beautiful.

Mayor Kit Marshall Declared the Day as "Jessie's Day", the dallas cowboys cheerleaders showered her with attention, and she was the Grand Marshall in a giant pink parade. Every tree that we passed had a pink ribbon tied to it, I think, and most trees had lots of pink ribbons. Jessie was in the hottest ride in town and was the happiest girl in town. We are so grateful to the community for their love for our girl. Thanks to All of Jessie's Angels in Aledo.



Anonymous said...

WOW!!!, is all we can say! Thank you EVERYONE for your kindness to our family and sharing the pictures and story so we can see and enjoy the thrill they are feeling from afar!

Love Gram and Papa
Cheyenne, WY

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm 13 years old and never had anything so cool my her life, I am more jealous than inspired. My mom made me read this after seeing about Jessy day in the newspaper. I am not impressed. I want it all too! My mom thinks reading this will improve me. I read it ALL and I am just madder and madder with all I read and all she gets. I just want a disease too!!!!