Tuesday, May 27, 2008

8 Day Prayer Vigil - Organized by New River Fellowship

Details about 8-Day, 24 hour Prayer Vigil for Jessie, Organized by New River Fellowship:

June 1 & June 8, New River Fellowship in Hudson Oaks is going to share a little about Jessie and her surgery in service (9:30 & 11:00) and have a prayer sign up. In the NRF atrium you can sign up for an hour shift(or two or three) to pray for Jessie, her doctors, nurses, recovery, rehabilitation and more.

The prayers slots will be 24/7 beginning Sunday, June 8 at 9 am through 11:59pm on June 15th. We will have around 182 1 hour shifts to get covered. Throughout the week the sign up will be available for other friends and family if they can't make it during the weekend services. We are planning on giving out pink bracelets to all who sign up for a shift to serve as a reminder to pray for Jessie and her family as well as an info card with prayer prompts.

Kristi's best friend in college, Maura Flint, and her family are taking over some of the late night, early morning slots. They live in England so the time difference is perfect. World-Wide prayer, isn't that cool !!!

For questions, or if you want to participate, but can't make it to a service, please contact Megan Lacefield, Children's Pastor, New River Fellowship : mlacefield@nrfchurch.org

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