Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biggest News Flash Yet!!!

Newsflash !!!!

Jessie lost a tooth!! Had her first sleepover!! and will be getting a new AFO brace!!

First things first. Jessie was so proud when she got home from school today. The tooth finally came out. She's been working on that tooth since before surgery. Here are some pictures.

I also can't believe that I forgot to report Jessie's first sleepover last weekend. Well, Jessie has been wanting to have a sleepover for years, because she watches her brothers go to other people's houses all the time for a sleepover, but she could never do it. We were always afraid that she would have a seizure, so we wouldn't let her go.

So, last weekend, she went over to her friend Alexandra's house and had her first sleepover. She was so proud and so were we. Here are the girls getting ready to leave. That is Jessie, and Alexandra and Cassi Grooms.

The final News flash is that Jessie will be getting a new AFO brace for her leg. It appears that she has progressed past the use of her current AFO and needs some type of carbon-base, flexible brace so that she doesn't hyper-extend her knee, which she has been doing the past few days. Hopefully, it will be one like this, or very similar.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!



Kelly said...

Abby loves that brace. We have seen the biggest improvements with it. I hope it works out.

Anonymous said...

A sleepover and a missing tooth. Congrats! How cool is it to get to experience being a kid again and just having FUN! The new AFO style looks great. Very light weight.
Syd is back home again and will have another 8 weeks of day program rehab. She is doing much better now and they want to take advantage of her energy and determination at hopefully getting her as close to baseline as possible. We would love to put Mr. Zippy (wheelchair) back in the garage one day. Everyone here says hello.

Wendy, Tony, Sydney & Kendal

Jenny said...

How awesome!!

It is so amazing to hear of Jessie just doing normal girlie things like any girl her age. I just can't get over how incredible the progress she's made is! God is so good!

kitykity said...

A sleepover... how awesome! Very cool to do things just like everyone else does :)

Nana said...

Cris - I am so happy for your family. God just knew who to send this beautiful little girl to on earth. I know you waited a long time for her and now to see what a special blessing she has been to so many people is nothing short of a miracle. I do not know how people doubt that we have a wonderful God and Savior. I can't wait until you get to experience "Slumber Parties" with a dozen little girls in your house. Good times!
Take care,

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