Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jessie's New Bike


Good News! Jessie got a rehab bike this past weekend!! It is called an AmTryke, and was provided by the AMBUCS Organization. AMBUCS mission is to create mobility and independence for people with disabilities. "We do this by performing various forms of community service, awarding scholarships to therapists, and providing AmTryke® therapeutic tricycles to individuals who are unable to operate traditional bikes." http://www.ambucs.com/

Dr. Flora and his wife made a personal delivery. They were extremely nice and showed us how to use the bike and make adjustments for Jessie.

Thanks to AMBUCS and Dr. and Mrs. Flora for such an awesome bike!!




LeeAnn said...

Go, Jessie, go! Your new bike looks like lots of fun. Have a wonderful time riding it.
Richardson, TX

kitykity said...

haha... look at her go! I watched that cute little five second video about three times. :) Very cool!!