Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jessie's First Day of School


Yesterday, Jessie walked int0 school at Stuard Elementary as a proud 1st grader!! Accompanied by her brothers, and with news crews in waiting, Jessie walked down the hall to Mrs. Koch's 1st grade class. Praise God for His magnificent work through all the medical and rehab staff.

When Jessie first got into her class, she seemed very shy and timid and walked slowly to her desk. Needless to say, we were very worried, and it wasn't a fun drive to work or day at work for that matter. We worried all day long, thinking that she just sat there at her desk like a deer in headlights.

Well, when she got home, she was in a GREAT mood and told us all about her day at school, just like any other kid would. It sounded like a good day...but we were still leery. Anyway, so we called her teacher, and she said that Jessie had an AWESOME day, and that she was definitely in the right place (1st Grade). We had thought about holding her back, but now we are so glad that we didn't. She went to regular PE, and regular Recess, and even led her class into the cafeteria, where another news crew was waiting for her.

So when the news aired last night, we actually got to see Jessie at school. She was talking to the camera crew like her old self. It was such a gift to get a candid view into her first day back at school. She didn't have to have an aid follow her around, and she even went down the slide at school...shhhhh....don't tell anyone.

When she got home, she wanted to go swimming before therapy. Then she went for 2 hours of therapy, came home, ate and went to bed. She didn't move all night, until we woke up 45 minutes late this morning because the alarm didn't go off. Time to start it all over again...but I'm not complaining.

God Blessings,



Anonymous said...

Way to go Jessie! I am so glad that your first day of school went so well. I have been thinking about you and your family often from up here in Maryland. I am sorry I never got the chance to meet you personally, but your story has changed my life and made me so much more thankful that I have a healthy daughter. Your battle and victory over RE reminded me that our God is awesome, and through him all things are possible. I wish for you a long, healthy life. You've just begun, little princess, and I don't think there is anything you won't be able to accomplish, with God, your wonderful family, all your friends, and even strangers like me on your side. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jessie on a GREAT first day of school! We are so proud of all that you have accomplished!

Love from Weatherford

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you Jessie!! The first grade is great!!! Enjoy and have fun. I cannot wait to see how you continue to progress. Love from Edgewood, MD

Jo Ann

Kelly said...

Regular is good. I love it.

Anonymous said...

yay jessie! you're an amazing little girl.


baltimore, md

Anonymous said...

What a sweet, beautiful little angel. GOD Bless

Unknown said...

Hi Hall family,

It has been quite some tim esince I last dropped a line or two, but I have been checking out the new entries in the blog every few days. I am so pleased and thankful to God that you are in the first grade and are doing so well with your physical therapy. You look quite smashing on your new tricycle. You go, girl!!! Continue to think pink, and may God's richest blessings continue to rain down on all of you.

Vanessa and Seeing Eye Dog Griffin...and Kitkat the fuzzy cat

Anonymous said...

I have been following Jessie's story from the beginning. I live in Baltimore was happy to hear that Dr.Carson is her doctor. They just announced that Cuba Gooding, Jr is going to portray Dr. Carson in his life story on TNT tv movie. I thought you might be interested. He is GREAT and so is Jessie. Thank you for keeping us updated on her progress. God Bless

Anonymous said...

My heart melts seeing Jessie at school...YAY!!! I am so excited she is doing so well...keep it up Jessie!!!!

kitykity said...

God bless you guys... how wonderful... a little bit of normalcy finally setting in. It's well deserved with the long journey you have taken!