Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mayor Clayton !

Did I explain that the mayor of Give Kids the World Village is a 7 ft tall bunny named Mayor Clayton? His wife, Mrs. Merry, is the one that tucked the kids into bed the other night. Well, tonight wasy a suprise birthday party for Mayor Clayton, and Jessie was excited about it. She asked everone that she saw today if they were going to the Mayor's birthday party.

We took a train around the village and arrived outside the House of Hearts to attend this invitation only event. All the kids were there and we went into the Theater to watch the pre-party movie.

Also, Jessie made us stop at the store after the airboat trip to buy Mayor Clayton a birthday present. It was cute. So we bought Mayor Clayton some carrots for his big party.

When the mayor and Mrs. Merry arrived in their rabbit cars, Jessie ran up and gave Mayor Clayton a big hug, wished him a happy birthday, and gave him his present. I think that she was the only one that had a present for him. She really believed the whole thing!!! It was a special treat to enjoy our last night here.

All the villas her in GKTW have a name plate in the front with the family's last name posted. As we took the train around the village on the way to the birthday party, I took the time to read each name as we passed each villa. I couldn't help but to wonder what each of these families is going through. I just hope that they have a great week and live for the day. You never know what tomorrow is going to bring.

Goodbye from Orlando. Thanks to Give Kids the World! Thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation! Thanks to Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, Airboats of Orlando, American Airlines, and all the Volunteers and Employees that we have met this week. We will always remember this special wish that was granted to our daughter.

Some day, when Jessie is in High School, we plan to come back here and volunteer to work for a week during our vacation. Hopefully, we can take a bit of time to find Jessie's star in the Castle of Miracles and find her paving stone on the Avenue. Maybe we can serve meals in the Ginger Bread House or serve ice cream at the Ice Cream Palace. It will be wonderful to see Jessie and the boys walk down the Avenue and truly realize what a special Wish this was for Jessie and our family and how many people were involved to make this happen.

There are no words that can describe our appreciation for the people here and back home.


angels3 said...

Way to go Hall's especially Jessie! I am so thankful you all had the experience of this week and all the wonderful memories and pictures. May God continue to bless Jessie. Thank you for the blog for all of us who are concerned, love you, and are praying for you. Jessie is a hero but Cris and Kristy~ you are also my hero's. Your love of God and your tender and compassionate heart is truly God's grace. I pray that you continue to receive God's strength and courage at this very difficult time. I am reminded to never take my grandchildren Kelley, Scott and Emma's health for granted and I am truly grateful. Love, Jerra

Adriaq said...

I ran across Jessie's blog after doing a search for Give Kids The World. We just returned from there earlier this month and I've never seen anything like it.

Best wishes Jessie!

GKTWAngel said...

I am a volunteer at GKTW I am there almost every night! I found Jessie's blog when I searched for Mayor Clayton. I thought that her gettign Mayor a gift was so sweet and I wont for get that! I have always loved to hear these kids stories at the Village! I am glad you guys enjoyed your time! I am touched by what you guys went through and I am glad you got to come here! I hope I meet you guys if you do get back here to volunteer!

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